Obama appointments a big ‘F. you’

Radio powerhouse Rush Limbaugh says President Obama is basically telling Americans “F. You” with his two latest appointments in his administration.

Reports indicate Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, will become a national security adviser, and her replacement at the U.N. will be Samantha Power, a foreign-policy expert who is married to Obama’s former regulatory “czar” Cass Sunstein.

“I’m gonna tell you what these two appointments are. They are ‘F. You,’ and he’s saying that to us,” Limbaugh said Wednesday on his national broadcast.

Limbaugh called the situation a “Star Wars scene going on right now at the White House.”

“I have no respect for these people at all. None,” he said. “I respect the offices they hold, but to me, these people are just the epitome of danger.”

He continued: “It doesn’t matter who’s in these positions. They’re all him (Obama). Every one of them is as true a believer as Obama is, and that’s why they are there. And it’s been that way since he first started naming people to his regime, naming his czars. And I totally believe that these people have secret email addresses and I totally believe they’re working to undermine the way this country was founded. I’ve no doubt in my mind that’s what they’re doing. They don’t like it. They don’t like the Constitution.”

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Hollywood Actor Slams Obama Appointment, Tells Americans to ‘Wake Up’

Not everyone in Hollywood is happy with President Barack Obama. While the majority of Tinseltown certainly leans left, there are some Republicans quietly lurking in the mix. While his official political affiliation isn’t known, actor and musician Frankie Muniz came out earlier today against at least one of the president’s most recent decisions.

In a tweet, he announced his frustration with Obama’s choice to make Susan Rice his new national security adviser. After voicing his angst and surprise, Muniz appealed to the public to “wake up.”

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Witness Greg Hicks: “I Was Stunned. Jaw Dropped. I Was Embarrassed” After Susan Rice TV Appearance

WH: Obama ‘Is Not Particularly Concerned’ Whether Susan Rice Lied to the American People


With Susan Rice’s name being floated as a potential replacement for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the U.N. Ambassador is back in the news with a vengeance. Her controversial initial comments about the attacks in Benghazi, Libya are seen as a major impediment to her prospects, with Republicans in Congress still screaming bloody murder over the level of falsehood involved in those comments.

Moreover, many appear to be chomping at the bit waiting for potential confirmation hearings as a rare opportunity to break through the firewall surrounding White House aides involved in the response to Benghazi. To that end, Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) said on “Fox News Sunday” that he believes Rice will have to testify about Benghazi at some point, possibly just as a form of damage control for her own prospects.

“She’s going to have to come in and testify at some point, whether it’s in a closed hearing or an open hearing,” Chambliss said. He also said he’d attempt to get Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) to schedule a hearing for this purpose.

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Obama Knew Benghazi Was Terrorism Before Deploying Rice

According to the Washington Guardian, it wasn’t just CIA Director David Petraeus who knew that the attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi were terrorism linked with al Qaeda. It was the White House. And they knew it well in advance of Ambassador Susan Rice’s appearances on national television to lie to the American public about a “spontaneous” demonstration based on a YouTube video spurring the assault.

The Guardian reports:

U.S. intelligence told President Barack Obama and senior administration officials within 72 hours of the Benghazi tragedy that the attack was likely carried out by local militia and other armed extremists sympathetic to al-Qaida in the region, officials directly familiar with the information told the Washington Guardian on Friday ….

The details from the CIA and Pentagon assessments of the killing of Ambassador Chris Stephens were far more specific, more detailed and more current than the unclassified talking points that UN Ambassador Susan Rice and other officials used five days after the attack to suggest to Americans that an unruly mob angry over an anti-Islamic video was to blame, officials said.

Most of the details affirming al-Qaida links were edited or excluded from the unclassified talking points used by Rice the following weekend, officials confirmed Friday.

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President Obama’s silly, sexist defense of Susan Rice

Don’t pick on the little lady.

Wednesday, President Obama bizarrely cast the U.N. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, as some delicate flower the boys should stop picking on for her dissembling claims on five Sunday talk shows following the killing of 4 Americans in Benghazi. But, there is no damsel in distress and Obama’s paternalistic bravado in defense of a top administration official is going to come back to haunt him.

“If Sen. McCain and Sen. Graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me,” Obama intoned to the stenographers worshipping at his feet. The media had gathered for a rare “press conference” where Fox News’ Ed Henry and ABC’s Jake Tapper are usually the only ones who ever seem to ask a question that elicits anything other than filibustering presidential pabulum. (One “journalist” actually congratulated the president on his win and gushed about how she has never seen him lose an election.) Group hug!

Obviously caught up in his own silly yarn about meanie Senators and helpless U.N. Ambassadors, the President complained, “When they go after the U.N. ambassador apparently because they think she’s an easy target, then they’ve got a problem with me.”

Imagine George Bush saying that people criticized John Bolton because he was an “easy target.” He wouldn’t.

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