Can’t Believe Obama is Pushing This Incredible Lie

Obama is still at it. He’s still trying to push this bald-faced lie that he is one of the lowest spending presidents in history. He pushed the line again yesterday at a campaign appearance with Bill Clinton … actually saying that he and Clinton are among the lowest spending presidents.

This Obama lie was exposed almost as fast as the ink dried on the Wall Street Journal MarketWatch story where it first broke. The only way that Obama can come close to making this claim is to take his stimulus spending and $400 billion in TARP spending and — now get this — crediting that spending to George Bush. This is a cold lie of astounding proportions, and the only reason that Obama can get away with this dishonesty is because the voters inclined to vote for Obama are so damned ignorant they wouldn’t know the difference between a lie and the truth, and the ObamaMedia can pretty much be counted on to protect him on this.

If this hack wins in November we are in soooooo much trouble.

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