If you’re confused as to why U.S. lawmakers have made no progress in coming up with a deal to avert the so-called “fiscal cliff,” a combination of tax increases and deep spending cuts set to take effect next year unless Congress comes up with a budget plan, it might have to do with the fact that both parties deeply dislike and distrust each another.

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), for example, while criticizing Republicans leaders for using the nation’s debt limit as a tool in budget negotiations, compared them to a psychotic parent who would use the life of their child as a bargaining chip.

“It’s somewhat like taking your child hostage and saying to somebody else, ‘I’m going to shoot my child if you don’t do what I want done.’ You don’t want to shoot your child. There’s no Republican leader that wants to default on our debt — that I’ve talked to — so that ought to be non-partisan,” Hoyer said.

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Help Save Maryland – Illegal Immigration Issue Red Hot Across The Nation!

State lawmakers are working to pass a group of bills against illegal immigrants known as, the National Security Begins at Home Legislation.

Stolen jobs, and a burden on tax paying Pennsylvanians are just two of the reasons State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R) 12th District, is trying to pass a package of Illegal Immigration bills in Pennsylvania.

” Right now you have tens of thousands of citizens unemployed in Pennsylvania. There`s illegal aliens coming here specifically to find work and if we can find work for illegal aliens we should be able to find work for Americans,” says Metcalfe

Among three bills that have already passed in the house, a Sanctuary Cities Bill.

It would ensure cities are not setting policies that would attract illegal immigrants to their cities.

” We`re working with the Senate and our house leadership to protect American`s lives, liberty, and property here in Pennsylvania,” says Metcalfe

One of the more controversial bills in the package waiting to hit the house floor.

A bill that would allow police to verify a person’s immigration status if they’re stopped for a crime, and reasonably suspected of being in this country illegally.

” I think it could be considered racist, discrimination, and kind of not what America is all about,” says Evita Cotta, one of the founders of the Latino Hispanic American Community Center of Harrisburg

She says illegal immigrants are taking jobs that Americans don’t want, and that many times, illegal immigrants simply can’t afford to go through the citizenship process.

” They can`t afford it and it`s no different than any other citizen here that`s in need of services and they can`t get help and they don`t have the money,” says Cotta.

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Temporary Protected Status: a LEGAL immigration scam

Last week while collecting signatures for the in-state tuition for illegal immigrants referendum, a few of us in Boonsboro were confronted by an Open Borders activist from Identity, Inc. which I told you about in a post here. You might want to visit or revisit that post now and then read on below.

One of the things our harasser said in response to my question about how the illegals who would receive in-state tuition might have a path to citizenship she said they (activists including CASA de Maryland) were working on TPS. She mentioned Asylum too—El Salvadoran gays are persecuted, she said. So those claiming to be homosexuals are seeking asylum in the US. (I’ll have to tell you about that asylum scam another day.)

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