The Blood Of Patriots And Tyrants

“God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.
The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is
wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts
they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions,
it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. …
And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not
warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of
resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as
to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost
in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
It is its natural manure.”

—Thomas Jefferson

Take My Liberty And Give Me Money

“I, however, place economy among the first and most important republican virtues, and public debt as the greatest of the dangers to be feared.”

“The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”

-Thomas Jefferson

Even liberals are prone to being effusive about the intellect and perspicacity of Thomas Jefferson. That is, until they actually look at the results of that intellect, other than the magnificent but necessarily broad Declaration of Independence. JFK, when reasonably sober and taking a break from his non-stop sexual predation, once opined to his dinner guests that this was as intelligent a group as has ever been in this room, except when Thomas Jefferson dined alone. He was, of course, pretending to be erudite and witty, perhaps achieving the latter.

In any event, reading the Jefferson quotes above, even those “educated” in government schools must admit that he and the Founders feared an overbearing central government. Given that the federal government has and requires the powers enumerated in the Constitution, most of our trouble stems from “emergency” or other lamely-excused deviations and expansions therefrom. It started with Dishonest Abe, who found it convenient to ignore Supreme Court rulings, borrow enormous sums of money for his war, throw inconvenient individuals in jail for impure thoughts, and was fine-tuned by FDR. FDR discovered how easy it was to buy votes with tax dollars; he never stopped, and his war opened the floodgates. Not for nothing did Bismarck opine that “War is the health of the state.” Here is a small but significant point about Lincoln’s war: Prior to it, one referred to these United States; after, the United States. States’ rights never recovered; nor is there much hope they will.

Had we remained vigilant about the enumerated powers of our Constitution, none of the problems that now threaten our nation would exist. We would have fought no undeclared wars, created no welfare state, or have any national debt. Hard to imagine, but true.

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The Tea Party Lives…in Maryland?!

The loud Tea Party summer of 2009 was the visible, audible manifestation of a seismic event: the birth pangs of a huge network of grassroots activists from coast to coast.

It was the sound of unconscionable government growth and spending careening out of control, crashing against the consciences of stalwart citizens. It was the sound of a multitude of Americans suddenly and unexpectedly experiencing in unison an “Aha!” moment, as they finally began to grasp in a very real and experiential way what Thomas Jefferson meant when he said, “No government can continue good, but under the control of the people.”

The reason you don’t hear much about Tea Partiers on the nightly news nowadays is because they are hard at work, focused like laser beams on a broad spectrum of causes and tasks. The thirteen percent of voters who self-identify as members of the Tea Party movement (Rasmussen), together with a host of other fiscal and social conservatives, have rolled up their sleeves and have gone to work.

The very blue State of Maryland is a great case in point, demonstrating the gamut of Tea Party-inspired activism. For years, Maryland conservatives have been pushed to the margins and had pretty much adopted the white flag as their banner. They are now fighting their way back to relevance with renewed vigor and are making a difference on many fronts. This story of Tea Party success is being repeated in state after state.

– In the run-up to the November 2010 election, Tea Party members jumped at the chance to assume long-vacant Republican precinct chairs and have energetically dispensed their duties ever since. Local Republican Central Committees also experienced an influx of Tea Party members, bringing a stronger voice to true conservatism within the Party.

– Realizing that local elections are crucial for the future direction of their local communities and the state, conservatives have focused on winning campaigns for school boards and county and city elected offices. David Ferguson, executive director of the Maryland GOP, said that Republicans “now control the majority of elected offices (including commissioners, state’s attorneys, sheriffs, and county clerks), 158 to 157, and we control fifteen of the 24 county councils. We had great success in 2010, and we look forward to building on that success in 2014.”

A further indication of the rise of conservatism in the Free State is that two counties, St. Mary’s and Calvert, have just crossed the line from a majority of registered Democrat voters to a majority of Republicans.

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America: A Government Out Of Control

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have”
Thomas Jefferson

Gingrich: Congress can send Capitol Police to arrest rogue judges

GOP presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich said Congress has the power to dispatch the Capitol Police or U.S. Marshals to apprehend a federal judge who renders a decision lawmakers broadly oppose.

Gingrich says if there is broad opposition to a court decision, Congress should subpoena the ruling judge to defend his or her action in a hearing room.

When asked if Congress could enforce the subpoena by sending the Capitol Police to arrest a judge, Gingrich assented.

“If you had to,” Gingrich said. “Or you’d instruct the Justice Department to send the U.S. Marshall.”

Gingrich made his remarks during a Sunday appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” where he defended his position that the president has the power to eliminate federal courts to disempower judges who hand down decisions out of step with the rest of the nation.

Gingrich cited the 9th Circuit’s decision that reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools is unconstitutional as an example of a decision drastically out of step with the values of the country.

Gingrich noted the Federalist Papers describe the judiciary as the weakest of the three branches of the federal government and that Thomas Jefferson abolished 18 of 35 newly created judgeships.

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A Most Dangerous Man

“The time to guard against corruption and tyranny

is before they have gotten ahold of us.

It is better to keep the wolf out of the fold,

than to trust drawing his teeth and talons after he shall have entered.”

Thomas Jefferson

As one crisis after another has spread across the globe, particularly in the Middle East, many people are scratching their heads and wondering exactly what drives President Obama’s decisions in foreign policy. Its obvious he has lost interest in it now that it has become much more than an apology tour. It is Secretary Clinton, who was a ghost for the first year and half of the Obama reign, who is now the face of American foreign policy in the absence of the president. She jets around the world, she hold news conferences, she makes statements, while he enjoys spring break in Rio, goes golfing and hosts Motown parties in the White House.

However detached he may appear, Barack Hussein Obama is still the president and he is still the one that drives American policy. It would appear that our decisions are made “on the fly” and place a glaring spotlight on his complete lack of experience. While that may be partly true, and while it may often be more reasonable to ascribe bad decisions to stupidity rather than malice, in the case of this White House and this president, I don’t think that we can cut them even that much slack.

It is my belief that this president has two primary motives for every one of his actions and if we understand these motives, what he does makes a lot more sense. Most past presidents were not hard to figure out. George W. Bush was motivated by his born again Christian faith and his belief that America should not only lead the world but should spread “democracy” by whatever means necessary. This explains why he would go to war so quickly and why he would preside over such a large expansion of domestic government programs. “Compassionate conservatism” embodied both concepts. Clinton just liked being president and he wanted everyone to like him as president. That is why his policies were pragmatic or poll driven. He wanted to do what was popular. Was he an ideological leftist, sure, but that took a back seat to popularity. He had no qualms about dropping “Hillarycare” or eventually signing welfare reform. He had no interest in getting us into long, drawn out, unpopular wars which is why he conducted war from thirty thousand feet and cut and run when it looked tough. Clinton enjoyed the perks of the presidency, sometimes a bit too much, but the “popularity president” explains much of what he does.

President Obama also has motives for being president. There is no question that, like Clinton, he loves the perks. But unlike Clinton, we get the feeling that Obama uses the perks like a stick in our eye, as if he thinks we have denied him what was owed and now he is flaunting his new found status as our overlord. The constant vacations, the air force one flyby of the Statue of Liberty, his arrogance in press conferences all seem to stem from this idea. But that is a side-show to the main event.

There are two things that motivate Barack Obama and while we may dismiss the talk show jock who proclaims “we have elected the enemy,” there is no question that Barack Obama has embarked on a course of action that is severely detrimental to the health, and yes, honor, of our nation. The question is why? Two reasons. First, he divides the world into two camps-the haves and have nots, the oppressed and oppressor, the good and the evil. While traditionally we have viewed ourselves as the guys in the white hats, to Barack Obama, we definitely wear black.

This explains many of his actions toward our traditional allies like Great Britain. If there was ever an oppressor, great Britain and its colonial heritage fit the bill for Obama. In fact, with England, it is personal. It was the policies of Winston Churchhill that led to the imprisonment of his Marxist father in Africa. He has a deep seated hatred of previously colonial nations and his actions toward our traditional allies demonstrate this bias.

His division of the world is also based on his Marxist ideology. He believes in the redistribution of wealth not just from Joe the Plumber to the welfare queen but from the “haves” to the “have nots” of the world. That is why we will shut down American drilling in the Gulf of Mexico but grant drilling privileges to Brazil, which happens to be led by a fellow Marxist, a twofer for Obama. We will never move toward energy independence under Obama because by sending our dollars abroad we are facilitating a huge wealth transfer.

The second motivation is one which will, no doubt, put me in the camp with the tin foil hatters and conspiracy theorists. But if we accept the fact that we could elect an anti-American communist it should not be a stretch to say that we could have elected a Muslim radical as well. Yes, I said it, president Obama is a Muslim. Just as his Marxism was hidden in plain sight during his campaign and has become obvious in his policies, so his Islam was, and is, obvious if you look. In two interviews before the election he had a “Freudian slip” in which he referred to “My Muslim Faith,” the one with George Stephanopolis being the most memorable. His early years were spent in Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world and one in which radical Islam has more than a toehold. He went to a Madrassa where he was taught Islam, a fundamentally anti-Semitic, anti-western ideology, a perfect complement to his anti-colonial Marxism.

This motivation will explain his actions in the Middle East. If the stated policy is to encourage “democracy”, his actions are inconsistent at best. Why ignore the Iranian protesters, who may be the only pro-American group in the region, and throw support behind the Egyptian protesters? Two reasons. First, Iran is already anti-western and virulently anti-Israel, no need to support regime change there. Egypt under Mubarak, however, was nominally an ally of the United States and had maintained peace with Israel for over thirty years. That was a regime that could go, no problem. In fact, his policy in the Middle East is best explained by his support for radical Islam represented by the Muslim Brotherhood and other fundamentalist groups. That is why he has no problem pulling the plug on “secular” Arab leaders like Mubarak or Assad of Syria. So the “Obama Doctrine” is to basically ignore nations undergoing transformations from one anti-Semitic, anti-Western regime to another and support the transformation from secular, nominally pro-western, pro-Israel regimes to jihadist ones. The reason Obama has been so inconsistent on Libya is because while it falls into the former category, Khaddafy is a friend of his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, and a major supply of oil for the European nations that pressure us through the United Nations. He would rather stay out of it but was compelled to intervene by outside forces and is trying to make the best of it.

This “doctrine” is very bad for two reasons. One, although I don’t think we need to be supporting brutal dictators, particularly with taxpayer money, I don’t think we should be encouraging their ouster if they are likely to be replaced by radical Muslims who are going to be open in their support for anti-western terrorism. An Assad or Mubarak or even a Khaddafy may not like the West or America and may quietly support terrorism but their over-riding priority is maintaining their own power and they know, as Khaddafi found out in the Reagan years, they can go too far and put their very lives in danger. If, however, a group like the Muslim Brotherhood or the Revolutionary Party in Iran take power, their rhetoric will escalate in their religious fervor and they may not care about what they do. Martyrdom, after all, is their highest goal. On a national level, that is a thousand times worse than an Al Qaeda, as we have seen with Iran. Nations run by people who strap bombs to the chests of children have no concept of Mutually Assured Destruction. There is no negotiation with such regimes, none of the traditional means of applying pressure will provide deterrence. Killing the infidels, even if it means their own destruction, is an acceptable exchange for them.

While the ascendency of radical Islam to positions of power in several nations in the Middle East will certainly be a concern for our security and well being, the real threat is to the nation of Israel, whose very existence is put at risk. There has not been a major war between Israel and her neighbors since 1973. Between the peace with Egypt and a practical truce with her other neighbors, the situation has been one of relative peace, Palestinian suicide bombers excepted. If, however, the secular leaders of Egypt, Syria and even Jordan are replaced by radicals who join with Hamas in Gaza in the belief that waging jihad against Israel is the highest religious duty, Israel’s position becomes much less secure. Add to that our apparently official policy of backing off our support for Israel in favor of the very radicals that desire her destruction and Israel’s very existence is threatened. If Israel can no longer count on us and her enemies know that, they will be emboldened like never before.

I don’t think most people understand the ramifications of what the President is doing. His Marxism is leading to the weakening of America. He is accelerating the transfer of our wealth to other nations through his energy policy, impoverishing the citizens whose best interests he is supposed to represent. But he thinks we, as Americans, deserve to lose what be believes are our “ill gotten gains.” Domestically, he is doing this three ways. First, through the energy policy mentioned above. Second, by placing us under loads and loads of debt by expanding government and rewarding his friends through the internal transfer of wealth. Finally, by destroying the dollar he is exasperating out trade deficit and undermining the very foundation of our economy. In foreign policy his anti-colonial, anti-Semitic ideology supported by his “Muslim faith” is making changes in the world that will have ramifications long after he is gone. He is supporting the ascent of radical, jihadist Islam across the Middle East and North Africa. Not just as a small cadre of terrorist groups within those nation states but as rulers of nation states themselves! Do we know what the world will look like when Taliban like governments rule nations from Iran to Morocco? If jihad is a threat when supported primarily by two nations, Saudi Arabia and Iran, imagine the mortal threat it will be when actively supported by the entire region. Outside the Middle East he is supporting the ascension of China, a repressive, communist regime. He is destroying our relations with our traditional allies, allies like Great Britain and Israel who share our fundamental values. Finally, he is subverting our very sovereignty as a nation to international organizations like the United Nations.

What makes such destructive policy catastrophic is the fact that the things he is doing cannot, in most cases, be reversed. Sure, we could repeal Obamacare and save some money in the future but the treasuries have been sold, the money is gone, the debt accumulated. If the dollar is destroyed, it is gone and even if it isn’t destroyed, it will take years to recover any of its value. Once domestic energy production is eliminated through regulation and tax policy, it will take years to get that back even if those regulations and policies are eliminated. We have seen this in the Gulf of Mexico. Once the moratorium of drilling was enacted, the drilling rigs moved elsewhere, companies are not going to wait around and lose money in the hopes that two or six years from now a more amenable administration will take power. Once the Muslim Brotherhood or some other group of Muslim radicals-Al Qaeda in Libya perhaps-is in control of some country, that’s it. We have condemned an entire nation to an oppression likely to be much worse that what was there before. We will have placed the nation of Israel, the only nation in the region where a liberal democracy protects the rights of its people, where beheadings and stonings don’t happen, where Jew and Arab live together, in a position where they and their enemies know they no longer have our support, a situation as grave as they faced in 1948. If we allow Israel to be destroyed, there is no going back. The flow of wealth and technology we have transferred to China cannot be reversed.

This is a direct result of the fact that we have placed entirely too much power in the hands of one man. Historians call this the development of the “imperial presidency” and it has been going on for over a century. Over time, the executive branch through its growing bureaucracy, the rise of the power of the Federal Reserve, an assumption of police powers through one crisis after another, has become, for all intents and purposes, an elected dictatorship. We may hope that the person we choose to lead our nation and, in may respects, the world, respects our history, institutions and traditions of freedom and limited government. Today we have a man in that office who sees our history as one set of oppressions after another, holds our traditions in contempt and believes in using the levers of power to destroy cherished institutions. For over two hundred years this great nation has been the example of what free men can accomplish. For the last hundred we have been in a position to lead the world, economically and militarily. We have not been perfect and sometimes made mistakes but the world was a better place because America led. We are starting to get a taste of what the world would look like when America no longer leads, its not pretty. Presently we choose not to but in the future we may not be able to.

The question is this. Will historians look back on the Obama presidency as a great transformative event, one that saw the decline of America and the genesis of a new Dark Age? It has become obvious that it is no longer simply our nation that is at risk. This generation of “we the people” have a burden at this time, in this moment, that will have ramifications for the world; not just for years but decades, perhaps centuries. We can no longer use the slow, timid approach, attempting to right the ship through incremental measures. We need bold action, bold policies. We need our representatives to shut down Obama’s ability to destroy by taking back their power, our power. We are supposed to have a government with checks and balances. It is time we used them. And if the weak-kneed Republicans won’t, “we the people” must.

“There are extraordinary situations which

require extraordinary interposition.

An exasperated people who feel they possess power

are not easily restrained within limits strictly regular.”

Thomas Jefferson

Mike Calpino

Less We Can/Muir Boda 4 Salisbury

“I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” — Thomas Jefferson, to Archibald Stuart, 1791.

In this day and age we are seeing the effects of too much government — governments that believe they must regulate every minute detail of our lives, our business transactions, what we can and cannot do on our properties, what we can eat or how it is made. It is simply staggering to see the amount of government intrusion into our basic freedoms.

The more we expand government powers and regulations, the more money it costs to run the government, because they will need to hire more people to carry out and enforce the new regulations. All of these new expenses require money, so the government will either raise taxes or borrow money so that the next generation will pay for it.

Or they will impose massive fees, which will stifle economic growth and restrict the ability of the business community to effectively and efficiently serve the community.

The best and most effective way for government to serve is to simply get out of the way. Less regulation and less taxes will create more prosperity and more opportunity.

Less government will produce more liberty, both economically and personally. I adhere to the Jeffersonian view of government that “the government that governs least, governs best.”

I say, “less we can.”

Muir Boda


Boda is a candidate for Salisbury City Council.

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Citizens or Subjects?

Robert Morrison

Not since Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died–both on July 4, 1826–have we had such a stunning development. It took days, sometimes weeks, for Americans then to learn that the two great Signers of the Declaration of Independence had died on the same day–exactly fifty years after that document brought forth a new nation.

Now, we have the discovery of Thomas Jefferson’s changing a single word in his draft. Through hyperspectral imaging, the Library of Congress announces that we can clearly discern the word “subjects” expunged by Jefferson’s own hand. In its place, he wrote the word “citizens”

The media is all abuzz. Is it a mistake? A goof? A Freudian slip before Freud was born? What is the meaning of all this? Is it simply a Fourth of July coincidence?

No. It is the Great Emendation. It is Jefferson’s mentally moving himself and all of us from subjects to citizens. We can see in his own handwriting the progress of his thought and the forming of a new identity for Americans.

Dr. Fenella France of the Library of Congress’ Preservation, Research, and Testing Division says she felt a “spine-tingling moment when I was processing data late at night and realized there was a word underneath ‘citizens.'” Compare this spine-tingling with the tingling sensation that went up and down Chris Matthews’ leg. Can anyone recall a single line of the Obama speech that thrilled Matthews so?

Could there be a more important time for this message from Jefferson? It is providential. This Year of Decision for the American people all comes down to this: Shall we be subjects or citizens?

ObamaCare does not simply change our health care delivery system; it changes our relationship to the government. Unless ObamaCare is repealed, we will become subjects once again. We will no longer be citizens. Unless this unconstitutional act is repealed, the government will no longer derive its just powers from our consent. Instead, our continued enjoyment of life and liberty, our very pursuit of happiness will depend from this year forward on government’s consent.

More than this: The advancing tsunami of debt will engulf us and our posterity. We will no longer be able to make decisions through our elected representatives on taxing and spending. Those decisions will be locked in for us by a profligate Congress and a heedless administration. Discretionary spending–that portion of the federal budget not already committed and commanded by law–will shrink and disappear. Not even hyperspectral imaging will be able to find it.

Jefferson dreaded debt-his own and the country’s. He believed passionately that the “dead hand” of the past had no right to rule the lives of future generations.

Thomas Jefferson was never able to enter the Promised Land of freedom for all. Unlike Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and John Adams, he never disentangled himself from slavery. Like Moses, he pointed the way but perished along the path.

Still, Jefferson’s words inspired Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. “The principles of Jefferson are the definitions and axioms of free society,” said Lincoln. He claimed he never had a political idea that did not come from Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence.

We live in perilous times. We can reaffirm what our Founding Fathers taught us and recur to their basic principles, or we can mouth the mindless inanities of “Yes we can” and turn our backs on all that has made America exceptional.

The principles of Thomas Jefferson inspired a slaveholding people to advance into freedom for all. The principles of Barack Obama will lead a free people into bondage.

That is the choice before us this year: Citizens or Subjects?

Americans have a duty to resist tyrannical government

These days, most commentary on the Declaration of Independence focuses on the implications of the passage that “all men are created equal [and] that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” Dwelling on that passage might surprise Thomas Jefferson, who thought it was self-evident. The argument that flowed from his premises is more important, namely that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and when the relationship shifts to the point where government becomes a threat to the lives, liberties and pursuit of happiness of the people, it is government – not the people – that must change.

A government becomes corrupt when it abuses the power derived from the people by doing things that harm the polity and when it acts primarily as a servant of its own interests. This definition of illegitimate government has a history going back at least to Aristotle, though the 17th-century philosopher John Locke, in his “Two Treatises of Government,” gave it a form that would have been more familiar to American colonists. Beyond a certain point, when the actions of government become intolerable, the people have not only a right but a duty to reclaim their inalienable sovereignty and start over. This must be done, as Jefferson said, to “provide new Guards for their future security.”

The list of grievances in the Declaration – the part people often skip over – is critical to the argument because those grievances serve as evidence to make the case that British government had by its actions sundered the fundamental relationship between Parliament and the American colonists. Such a catalog of “abuses and usurpations” today might include: imposing confiscatory levels of overall taxation; using budget authority to transfer billions of taxpayer dollars to government insiders and pet causes; running up the national debt to a point where it is nearly equal to the nation’s total productive output; saddling current and future generations with ruinous debt to pay for pet programs that benefit the few at the expense of the many; failing to secure the nation’s borders from a flood of illegal immigrants and standing in the way of states and localities seeking to take up this fundamental duty, which the national government has chosen to ignore; and a variety of other issues ranging from a sketchy national census to crumbling national security.

The prime difference between the situation in 2010 and that of 1776 is that the people now can provide oversight through the election process. The ballot is the corrective mechanism that was unavailable to the Founders. Today’s dire situation in Washington has approached the intolerable because too few have gone to the polls to defend their rights against the predatory, permanent governing class in Congress. An electorate that fails to defend its rights deserves what it gets. Rights guarantee nothing unless they are used, and if they are not exercised, they tend to be exorcised.

After independence, Jefferson explained that the Declaration was “an expression of the American mind” intended to “give to that expression the proper tone and spirit called for by the occasion.” The result is a timeless document the spirit of which is as applicable today as it was then. The people have the means at their disposal to take back our country and the government from the disconnected oligarchy in Washington. However, this only works if Americans actually step up. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, the country will only be a republic if the people are strong enough to keep it.

Today’s PC police would arrest Abe Lincoln for sedition

By: Douglas MacKinnon

During his first inaugural address in 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt famously but inaccurately claimed that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Leaving aside the fact that 77 years later, many of Roosevelt’s socialist leanings serve as a roadmap for President Obama, the inescapable reality of 2010 is that the only thing we have to fear is political unaccountability, an unethical media, liberal judicial activists, and those among us who want and demand something for nothing.

If you are a citizen who still believes in traditional values and the need for a free, strong and secure America, then it’s well past the time to make your voice heard.

At the risk of being accused of inciting sedition by ultra-wealthy, far-left “journalist” Joe Klein, I would stress if not now, when? If not you, who?

As an aside to Klein, who apparently, as he runs around purposely twisting the words of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Sen. Tom Coburn, R-OK, by claiming they come “dangerously close to incitement to violence,” has never read the writings of well-known seditionists Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

To that very point, Lincoln once said, “this country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.”

Sacrilege. Had Lincoln uttered those very words today, Klein, the editorial board of The New York Times, and the inhabitants of the West Wing would have called for his imprisonment.

More than imprisonment, all but confirmed Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan would have stated Lincoln’s belief deserved no First Amendment protection.

That assumption being based on the liberal Kagan’s own words who has chillingly said in the past, “Whether a given category of speech enjoys First Amendment protection depends upon a categorical balancing of the value of the speech against its societal costs.”

While Chief Justice Roberts called Kagan’s argument “startling and dangerous,” the mainstream media has done all in its power to keep this totalitarian declaration from the American people.

Beyond liberal judicial activism and the propagandists for the far-left in the media, our welfare, security, and very existence are being threatened by elected officials from both sides of the aisle who see the rapidly descending blade and purposefully ignore it as they suicidally focus on their own selfish needs.

Were it not for the fact they are about to take the rest of us with them, their extinction would be a welcome relief.

To ensure the demise of our once great nation, we are also being assaulted by an unimaginable and lethal U.S. debt combined with the out-of-control salaries and pensions of local, state, and federal employees and the unions who seek to protect and grow that money at any cost.

As one county employee in Maryland recently told me, “As long as I get mine, I honestly don’t care about the rest of the country.”

While we all now recognize that Los Angeles and California are the Athens and Greece of the United States, we need to understand that they are but the poster children for what is about to befall us.

On a recent trip to Miami, I was disturbed but not shocked to find out that while the median income for the hardworking citizens of that city is about $26,000, the median income of the city employees is about $76,000. Triple that of those who pay their salaries.

Worse, thanks to union threats and liberal leaders, almost 100 city workers in that all but bankrupt city “earned” over $200,000. Can you say “unsustainable?”

Roosevelt was wrong, as are all today who believe in something for nothing. It’s not fear we have to worry about.

It’s the minority among us who deliberately steal, lie, brainwash our children, and leave our borders and nation unprotected, that we have to not only shield ourselves from, but defeat before it’s too late.

That is the calling for the majority. Let us hope it does not fall on deaf or compromised ears.

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