Jay Leno Rips Obama Again – Compares Him to Nixon

‘Very Dangerous to White House If Journalists Suddenly Start Asking Real Questions’

Jay Leno continued pressuring Barack Obama Thursday night.

During his opening monologue on NBC’s Tonight Show, the host said, “This is very dangerous to the White House if journalists should suddenly start asking real questions”

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Leno on Iranian Sanctions: ‘If Anyone Knows How To Cripple an Economy It’s Obama’

As NewsBusters has been reporting, there has been a shift in recent months concerning late night hosts’ willingness to make jokes about the current White House resident.

JAY LENO: One of President Obama’s winning points last night was about how sanctions against Iran are crippling their economy. And believe me, if anyone knows how to cripple an economy it’s President Obama.

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Leno Spends Nearly 3 Minutes Trashing Biden: ‘Smart of Raddatz To Cut Joe Off After Third Scotch and Soda’

Jay Leno spent nearly three minutes of his opening monologue Friday trashing Vice President Joe Biden for his performance during Thursday’s debate.

Although the Tonight Show host did poke some fun at Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin, the bulk of his jokes targeted Biden including him saying it was “really smart” of moderator Martha Raddatz “to cut Joe off after that third scotch and soda”

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One Shocking Thing You Didn‘t Know About George Stephanopolous’ Wife

Here she is explaining it on the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno on Tuesday (transcript via Blindgossip.com):

Here’s the story. I was living with this guy. We’ll call him… Josh.

I came home one afternoon and he said, “Ali, I’m really worried. There’s something wrong. I was in the shower, and I felt something… I think it’s a ployp… you need to check it out.”

So, I’m from a very uptight, waspy, blue-blood family. We don’t look in orafices [sic] and holes. I didn’t even poop until I went to college. That’s how uptight we are.

But it’s a medical emergency… So he put down a towel, and he’s naked, and he laid down on his stomach. And I – very gingerly and in a very elegant way – parted his buttocks and reached in…

…and I pulled out a diamond ring. And he said “Will you marry me?” I said, “Of course I’ll marry you!”

Well, I ended up not marrying him, but to this day, I wondered if I had dug deeper, I could have had a tiara by now.