Primaries Are Racist?

Here’s an actual headline from the Washington Post: “Kentucky, Arkansas primaries: Is it racism?” What they are referring to are the primaries, which took place on Tuesday, where an unknown or undecided candidate racked up 40% of the vote against Obummer. Now if you read the Washington Post article, it actually goes on to explain that it is hard to tell exactly why people vote the way they do, but it does highlight one fact: Privately, Democrats believe that these primary results are because of racism. These voters went for “undecided” because they’re raaaaaaaacists!

The ObamaMedia is clearly willing to tote this line. Remember the recent New York Times article, “4 Years Later, Race Is Still Issue for Some Voters.” And take a look at the coverage of these embarrassing primaries in Kentucky and Arkansas. The ObamaMedia didn’t even feel the need to mention them in any of their morning shows — ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today and CBS This Morning all skipped the embarrassing story.

You see …. when it comes to the DC and NYC press corps, 97% of these reporters, anchors and news writers and producers voted for Obama in 2008. Most of the will vote for him again. They simply cannot form an understanding in their minds as to why someone would NOT vote for Obama. After all, isn’t he really sort of a God? Didn’t he actually have to step DOWN into the role of the presidency? So in the minds of the media elite there can really only be one reason why you would not vote for Obama, and that’s ‘cause he’s a black dude.

I guess it’s time that we resurrect the Bradley Effect. Pollsters were worried about this phenomenon in 2008; it’s when white voters lie to pollsters about their intention to vote for a minority candidate. What’s the fancy name for media myrmidons who refuse to cover stories about a minority president?

Washington Post carries the water for al-Qaeda

With news that information leaks are threatening to reveal the identities the Navy SEALs who served up some just desserts for Osama bin Laden, it’s understandable that the top-secret warriors are on edge. What isn’t understandable, however, is how the Washington Post seems to be as eager to uncover their identities as our vengeful terrorist enemies in al-Qaeda.

In the Post’s latest coverage of the fall of bin Laden, Post writer Fredrick Kunkle traverses Virginia Beach in search of the silent heroes’ favorite hangouts, SEALs-spotting hotspots and toils around town looking for clues as to who the mystery men might be.

The Post lists a number of local bars, eateries and even individuals who claim to know tidbits of information on the SEAL team bread crumb trail — right down to what street they’re located on.

Why should al-Qaeda worry about tracking down bin Laden’s asssassins when the American media seems all too eager to? It‘s bad enough that there seem to be members of the current administration’s inner circle willing to betray these hardened heroes. Can‘t we ask for a little more respect for these SEALs’ secretive service from the press?

WaPo grants Hamas immunity from terrorism

Last week, Israel’s National Insurance Institute reported that 981 civilians have been murdered by Palestinian terrorist groups since 2000. The vast majority were killed by Hamas and Fatah’s terrorist wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Another 17,200 Israelis were wounded in premeditated terrorist attacks on civilian targets.

On a population basis, Israel’s civilian death toll from Palestinian terrorism is the equivalent of 40,000 civilian deaths in the U.S — more than 10 times the 3,000 U.S. fatalities on 9/11 when Al-Qaeda struck the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

Even as of today, when it’s joining with Fatah in a Palestinian “unity” government, Hamas has not renounced its dedication and reliance on violence to meet its declared objective of wiping Israel off the map. A couple of weeks ago, it fired an anti-tank missile from Gaza at a yellow Israeli school bus, killing a child and wounding the driver.

Yet, the Washington Post, in its May 8 edition, tells readers in the lead paragraph of its main article on the front page that Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda’s leader, “remained highly active in directing the terrorist group” after 9/11, while on Page A10, the paper refers to Hamas merely as “Gaza’s ruling Islamist movement.”

Why the accurate designation of Al-Qaeda as a “terrorist group,” but use of a much softer, euphemistic labeli for Hamas as merely an “Islamist movement” — a description that completely overllooks its violent, bloody, terrorist agenda — past, present and future ?

Hamas has not hesited to liken itself to Al-Qaeda. I In recent days, its Gaza chief, Ismail Haniyeh, called Bin Laden an “Arab holy warrior” and Hamas’s supreme leader, Khaled Meshaal, denounced the U.S. killing of Bin Laden as an “atrocity.”

Yet, the Post keeps on properly designating Al-Qaeda as a “terrorist” group while using all sorts of Orwellian euphemisms — “militants,” “Islamist movement,” “fighters,” “activists” — to sanitize and thus make more acceptable Hamas’s real record and real agenda.

What’s the difference between these two terrorist organizations?

Go figure.

Some NutJobs Still Believe in the Lie that is Global Warming

Ten years ago, I put solar panels on my roof and began eating locally grown food. I bought an energy-efficient refrigerator that uses the power equivalent of a single light bulb. I started heating my home with a stove that burns organically fertilized corn kernels. I even restored a gas-free lawn mower for manual yardwork.

As a longtime environmental activist, I was deeply alarmed by new studies on global warming, so I went all out. I did my part.

Now I’m changing my life again. Today, underneath the solar panels, there’s a new set of deadbolt locks on all my doors. There’s a new Honda GX390 portable power generator in my garage, ready to provide backup electricity. And last week I bought a starter kit to raise tomatoes and lettuce behind barred basement windows.

I’m not a survivalist or an “end times” enthusiast. When it comes to climate change, I’m just a realist.

I haven’t given up the cause. I still work overtime to promote clean energy, and I take solace when top climate scientists say we can still avoid the worst effects of global warming if we move quickly. It’s just that, well, we’re running out of time.

The proof is everywhere – outside my front door, in my neighborhood, on the news. After a decade of failure to address climate change at the national and international levels, our weather has gone haywire. In the Washington region alone, in barely a year, we’ve annihilated all records for snow accumulation, we’ve seen appalling power outages associated with year-round thunderstorms, and we’ve experienced the hottest summer in the 140 years we’ve been measuring. Winston Churchill’s oft-quoted warning on the eve of World War II now applies directly: “The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays, is coming to its close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences.”

Those consequences explain the generator in my garage and why I’m reinforcing my basement windows to protect emergency supplies.

This may seem like a stunt, or a sign that this frustrated environmentalist has finally lost it. But I’m not crazy. Just wait. The mega-storms and social disruptions on the horizon will be the best proof of that

Read more here.

Forget the Whistleblowers! WaPo Management Owns the Journolist

Andrew Brietbart is offering a $100,000 reward to a whistleblower who will release the entire Journolist archive. Why bother? Washington Post management has control of the archive, via creator Ezra Klein, who works for the Post.

Like most companies, the Washington Post Company owns all their employees emails. This is set forth on page 10 and 11 of their Corporate Code of Business Conduct. Key sentence: “There should be no expectation of privacy in these electronic interactions.”

Now that we know that Journolist has functioned as a conspiracy to intimidate people into not reporting the news, the Washington Post Company owes the nation complete transparency on the activities of this cabal.

Post: U.S. Intelligence Grows Beyond Control

WASHINGTON — Since the terror attacks of Sept. 11, top-secret intelligence gathering by the government has grown so unwieldy and expensive that no one really knows what it cost and how many people are involved, The Washington Post reported Monday.

A two-year investigation by the newspaper uncovered what it termed a “Top Secret America” that’s mostly hidden from public view and largely lacking in oversight.

In its first installment of a series of reports, the Post said there are now more than 1,200 government organizations and more than 1,900 private companies working on counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in some 10,000 locations across the U.S.

Some 854,000 people — or nearly 1 1/2 times the number of people who live in Washington — have top-secret security clearance, the paper said.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the Post that he doesn’t believe the massive bureaucracy of government and private intelligence has grown too large to manage, but it is sometimes hard to get precise information.

“Nine years after 9/11, it makes sense to sort of take a look at this and say, ‘OK, we’ve built tremendous capability, but do we have more than we need?” he said.

The head of the CIA, Leon Panetta, said he knows that with the growing budget deficits the level of spending on intelligence will likely be reduced and he’s at work on a five-year plan for the agency.

The White House had been anticipating the Post report and said before it was published that the Obama administration came into office aware of the problems and is trying to fix them.

The administration also released a memo from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence listing what it called eight “myths” and intended as a point-by-point answer to the charges the Post series was expected to raise.

Among them was that contractors represent the bulk of the intelligence workforce. The memo put the number at 28 percent, or less than a third.

The memo said that 70 percent of the intelligence budget is spent on “contracts, not contractors.”

“Those contracts cover major acquisitions such as satellites and computer systems, as well as commercial activities such as rent, food service, and facilities maintenance and security,” the memo said.

Read more here.

WaPo’s Weigel Lets Loose With Scathing E-mails on Liberal Listserv

FishbowlDC has obtained e-mails written by WaPo’s conservative-beat blogger Dave Weigel, that the scribe sent to JournoList, a listserv for liberal journalists. (Read up on JournoList with Yahoo! News’s Michael Calderone’s 2009 story that he wrote for Politico).

Seems Weigel doesn’t like (and that would be putting it mildly) at least some of the conservatives he covers. Poor Drudge – Weigel wants him to light himself on fire.

Weigel’s Words:

•”This would be a vastly better world to live in if Matt Drudge decided to handle his emotional problems more responsibly, and set himself on fire.”

•”Follow-up to one hell of a day: Apparently, the Washington Examiner thought it would be fun to write up an item about my dancing at the wedding of Megan McArdle and Peter Suderman. Said item included the name and job of my girlfriend, who was not even there — nor in DC at all.”

•”I’d politely encourage everyone to think twice about rewarding the Examiner with any traffic or links for a while. I know the temptation is high to follow up hot hot Byron York scoops, but please resist it.”

•”It’s all very amusing to me. Two hundred screaming Ron Paul fanatics couldn’t get their man into the Fox News New Hampshire GOP debate, but Fox News is pumping around the clock to get Paultard Tea Party people on TV.”

Weigel says he “happy to comment” to FishbowlDC but it seems he’s tied up on the phone. Will bring you his remarks as soon as he provides them.

The Washington Post Watches Bob Etheridge and Yawns

By Jim Geraghty

The Washington Post, the newspaper than mentioned “Macaca” in approximately 100 articles, op-eds, editorials about the 2006 Virginia Senate race between George Allen and Jim Webb, watches the video of Rep. Bob Etheridge, North Carolina Democrat, physically assaulting a questioner and concludes it warrants three paragraphs on page C3, in the Reliable Source gossip column.

The opening sentence? “So what really happened when Rep. Bob Etheridge ran into a couple of self-described ‘students’ on the streets of D.C. last week?”

David Weigel, who used the term “hug” in his initial report on the altercation and has been receiving furious e-mails since, is cited; the Post should have let him write an actual print story on this. In this news nugget, there is little or no description beyond ‘grabbing the wrist’ of one of the young men.

This is not even bias anymore; this is information management, designed to ensure those who pick up the print version of the Post never encounter what the blogosphere is buzzing about.

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