‘What Would Hitler Have Done With Fox News?’

Progressives from across the country have come to Providence, Rhode Island, this weekend to party and network for the “giant family reunion for the left” — the Netroots Nation Conference. After a crushing loss Tuesday following the failed attempt to recall Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin activists served as the reunion’s grumpy uncle.

At the “Take a Walk, Scott: Post-Mortem of the Wisconsin Recalls” session one particularly ticked-off panelist engaged in several frustrating rants slamming Walker’s reforms, campaign finance law, and the media.

“What would Hitler have done with Fox News,” exclaimed Harry Waisbren. “It’s impossible to imagine the power of propaganda system that we have right now, and there is no counter. The one percent is able to buy our media.”

According to Waisbren’s twitter profile, the Wisconsinite is currently transplanted in New York City as an organizer for the Jobs Party ”building #Occupy #WIunion momentum.”

The Hitler analogy came about during a segment of the discussion where panelists dissected a television advertisement by Governor Walker. The activists argue the advertisement misrepresents job creation statistics in Wisconsin over the last two years.

Earlier in the session Waisbren bragged about “cheesehead rallies” he organized in front of Fox News’ New York City office last year, where the Wisconsinite claims the number of protesters were in the thousands. He claims the event later inspired actions of MoveOn and Rebuild the Dream. The National Review caught one of Waisbren‘s protests in front of Rupert Murdoch’s home last summer. At the protest Waisbren claimed “Fox News is a criminal organization,” in front of a crowd that NRO reports made it up to 35 or 40 people, but with the press reportedly far outnumbering the demonstrators.+

See the video here.

Wisconsin protesters coping with recall results in their own special way

Wisconsin vote today foreshadows 2012

Even if you don’t live in Wisconsin, your eyes should be on the Wisconsin recall votes taking place today. These recall votes are taking place in the wake of Wisconsin’s budget battle over union benefits. The six Republicans that are being challenged were targeted by unions for supporting Scott Walker’s budget bill. The two Democrats facing recall (their vote on August 16th) are some of those who fled the state and delayed the vote for weeks.

If the Democrats manage to unseat three or more Republicans, the Democrats would then gain control of the state Senate. While that would be an upset for state politics, it would really serve as an indication for how the 2012 elections will go. Actually — it would spell doom. If people are willing to turn out to unseat these Republicans and replace them with Democrats, Barack Obama and similarly supported union-backed candidates may be stronger than they appear in 2012. If they don’t, this will be a major sign that people are shying away from Democrats and their union ways, and they are ready to stand against union and liberal policies. Other states will look at this as an indicator of what they can expect if they try and challenge local unions.

Apparently Governor Scott Walker will be the next victim of these union recall efforts. Meanwhile, how are Scott Walker’s austerity measures working out for the state of Wisconsin and its taxpayers?

Are Wisconson democrats and Graeme Zielinski Domestic Terrorists?

A Wisconsin Democratic Party spokesman has issued a hefty ultimatum to an independent state-level news outlet he thinks is biased: Admit your bias or feel the wrath of left-wing activists.

Wisconsin Democratic Party flack Graeme Zielinski told the Wisconsin Reporter’s bureau chief that the Party had a detailed plan for how to discredit the publication. Zielinski said the Democratic Party plans to contact editors and publishers of all news outlets that run the Wisconsin Reporter’s content and “let them know our deep concern about the obvious bias that permeates your entire operation.”

Zielinski said Democrats would also mobilize activists, including union members, to do the same. He added that the Democratic Party was also prepared to call the state Capitol’s press pool to request that the Wisconsin Reporter lose its press credentials.

“[W]e continue on until you actually admit to the truth of your operation,” he said.

Zielinski’s email indicates his threats are in response to his belief that a Wisconsin Reporter staffer quoted him from an “off the record” conversation. It’s unclear if the Wisconsin Reporter staffer agreed to keep that conversation off the record status, as it’s standard for both sides of a journalistic discussion to agree on whether or not an interview is fair game for publication. Wisconsin Reporter staffers have not returned The Daily Caller’s requests for comment.

When The Daily Caller reached out to Zielinski to ask him about specifics of his email, he declined to comment, instead saying he’s more focused on helping with recall elections in the state. “We’re in the final push for recall elections here,” Zielinski said in an email. “I’ll be happy to get back to you later this week or next.”

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Dane County judge strikes down collective bargaining law

A Dane County judge has struck down Gov. Scott Walker’s legislation repealing most collective bargaining for public employees.

In a 33-page decision issued Thursday, Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi said she would freeze the legislation because GOP lawmakers on a committee broke the state’s open meetings law in passing it March 9.

The legislation limits collective bargaining to wages for all public employees in Wisconsin except for police and firefighters.

“This decision explains why it is necessary to void the legislative actions flowing from those violations,” wrote Sumi, who was appointed to the bench by former GOP Gov. Tommy Thompson.

But the issue is far from settled. The state Supreme Court has scheduled arguments for next month on whether to take over the case.

GOP lawmakers also have said they would consider passing the law a second time as part of the 2011-’13 state budget if it was necessary to ensure that it takes effect.

WI Fleebagger recall petitions stolen from office

This is pretty convenient. Just hours after organizers announced they had enough signatures to go ahead with a recall of Democratic state senator Dave Hansen, their offices were broken into and the recall petitions were stolen:

Police in Green Bay are looking into a burglary at an office used by a group seeking to recall Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen.

Authorities say it most likely happened between 5 p.m. Thursday and 8 a.m. on Friday.

In an e-mail, group organizer David Vander Leest says petitions, t-shirts and a computer were taken from the office at 1136 West

Also taken in the heist were some T-shirts and a computer.

Now who do you suppose would have an interest in seeing those petitions disappear? Stay tuned on this one.

Waging war, union-style, in Wisconsin

It seems like only yesterday that progressives were warning us about “politicizing the judiciary.” That was after Iowa’s voters declined last November to retain three Supreme Court justices who had ruled to overturn the state’s marriage law. Today, after a feverish and expensive campaign by unions to remove conservative Wisconsin Supreme CourtJustice David Prosser, you’ll hear no such talk. With last Tuesday’s election between Judge Prosser and liberal JoAnne Kloppenburg possibly headed for a recount, the progressive view can be summarized as follows: “Take that, Walker!”

That would be Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who signed a law on March 11 ending much of collective bargaining for the government employee unions that are bankrupting the state. The fight over the bill was a media bonanza, with Senate Democrats storming out and holing up in Illinois, angry mobs occupying the capitol in Madison, a government school teacher walkout, and multiple threats for retribution against GOP lawmakers.

After the law passed, the unions turned their attention to the April 5 Supreme Court election, throwing “judicial independence” to the winds. They reasoned, correctly, that flipping Justice Prosser’s seat to the liberal Ms. Kloppenburg could create a 4-3 liberal majority that could undo what Mr. Walker and the GOP legislature had wrought.

The unions pulled out all stops, holding rallies and pouring big bucks into TV and radio ads. Local 882 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) ran an anti-Prosser TV ad on its Facebook site. Likewise, AFSCME Local 1942 at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics ran anti-Prosser articles on its website and urged union members to vote for Ms. Kloppenburg. With conservative and business groups ponying up as well for a countercampaign supporting Justice Prosser, the normally boring judicial election brought out 1.5 million voters, or nearly double the usual tally. Ms. Kloppenburg originally appeared to win by a couple hundred votes. Now thousands of votes mistakenly left out of one county’s total have given Justice Prosser a commanding lead.

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