The American Tea Party

Here is a message to all those progressives who try and distort just who the Tea Party is. In simple terms: we are Americans. And here is a message for the progressives about us: We will not go quietly into the night! We will stand and we will fight! God Bless the American Patriot!

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22 thoughts on “The American Tea Party”

  1. The Tea Party rocks! Liberal Progressives (LP’s) do not understand the truth of the Tea Party. LP’s do not know just how strong in numbers the Tea Party has become. LP’s are the minority! We will fight and we will win!

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  8. Muslims in this country are well educated and have good jobs like engineers, doctors…etc
    What is tea party? Everyone knows the answer to that , those uneducated folks. Beside uneducated, they are mostly ignorant, but what can you do when you have no job, no money, you become hateful. What is the problem with having a Muslim show if you can learn something from it? Because this against your propaganda and agenda? Will it is too late because it did change many people’s view and you can ow go f ,,,ck yourself and then go to hell. No wonder why no one likes American anymore, tooooooo many ignorants.

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  10. I’m thinking that most of you folks out there who are Tea Party worshipers need to take a long hard look at yourselves ant what you advocate. Lower taxes for the rich (you might be rich one day) and to hell with everyone else.

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