JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version)

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Published on Oct 24, 2012
Was JFK’s comment on “secret societies” a statement against the “NWO”? I searched this famous quote and finally found the full unedited written transcript and audio of this speech.

JFK was actually talking about current events of the cold war and how nontraditional enemies were gaining information on how the US was battling this war. In this speech JFK actually points out “the need for far greater “official” secrecy”…as well as “the need for a far greater public information”. JFK admits “I have no easy answer to the dilemma that I have posed,” but also states, “and would not seek to impose it if I had one.” This a major difference from where todays elected officials stand

*Address, “The President and the Press,” Before The American Newspaper Publishers Association, 27 April 1961, is pubic domain content.*


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The Bible’s Influence In America / American Heritage Series / David Barton

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Thanks Twana for this

This is definitely important history our youth need to know. Our education system is not teaching.

Part 1 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eYWu_Tb0y_g

Part 2 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cR84gLNTrFc

Part 3 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w1EBxWSJblw

Part 4 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_9TLWU4NZcI

Part 5 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLhh4xJq_JM

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My 2 cent reply to: My 2020 campaign strategy

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Seeing this will never happen and I think this is a cash grabbing troll site,…

PDJT and all ‘republicans’, come out 100% for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and against this communist agenda of TAPS and Red Flag laws.

You want my support, THAT’S what it will take!


an American

An Email I Received:

The future of our Nation is in YOUR hands.

The 2020 Election will go down as the MOST IMPORTANT election in the history of the United States.

American Patriots, like you, will decide if we’ll Keep America Great, or if the Democrat-infested Swamp will turn this country into a BIG GOVERNMENT SOCIALIST Nation.

I am committed to CRUSHING the Left in 2020, just like I did in 2016, but I can’t do it alone,.

The Democrats are getting more deranged by the day, which is why I need the advice of a few respected…

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Can I buy a phone that doesn’t use anything from Google or Apple?

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Article from July and for the UK but this is the question I queried in search, we’re screwed…”Can I buy a phone that doesn’t use anything from Google or Apple?”

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Rebel.Media: The Media Party promoted a fake news HOAX about Andrew Scheer

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The Rebel
Did you hear about the mainstream media promoting a fake news HOAX about Andrew Scheer?

It started with a video posted by Blog TO that came to my attention when Chief Political Correspondent for Global News, David Akin, tweeted it.

Here’s how Blog TO described the video:

“Disturbing video footage of a young woman [named Talya Davidson] hurling racist remarks, [holding a ‘VOTE ANDREW SCHEER’ sign] and spitting at a Toronto resident is circulating like wildfire online today, inspiring shock and outrage across the board.”

If this were a Hollywood script, a producer would say, too obvious; It needs to be more nuanced. No-one who wants to promote Andrew Scheer would really do what this woman did.

You can watch the Blog TO video and my full report from The Ezra Levant Show, but you’ll need a Premium Content subscription:


Click here for a Premium Content subscription.

It reminded…

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Google “Machine Learning Fairness” Whistleblower Goes Public, says: “burden lifted off of my soul”

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 VIDEO: “the police began looking for me…”
VIDEO: https://www.projectveritas.com/2019/08/14/google-machine-learning-fairness-whistleblower-goes-public-says-burden-lifted-off-of-my-soul/#fvp_g1VeElBAeas,0s
Google Sent Threatening Letter to Google Insider Zachary Vorhies: “they knew what I had done and that letter contained several demands”
HUNDREDS of Internal Google Documents Leaked to Project Veritas… news blacklist, “human raters,” YouTube CEO video…
Google Insider Wants More Insiders to Blow Whistle: “people have been waiting for this Google Snowden moment where somebody comes out and explains what everybody already knows to be true”
 “I felt that our entire election system was going to be compromised forever, by this company that told the American public that it was not going to do any evil”
VIDEO: https://www.projectveritas.com/2019/08/14/google-machine-learning-fairness-whistleblower-goes-public-says-burden-lifted-off-of-my-soul/#fvp_g1VeElBAeas,0s
The internal Google documents are available here.

(San Francisco) A Google insider who anonymously leaked internal documents to Project Veritas made the decision to go public in an on-the-record video interview. The insider, Zachary Vorhies, decided to go…

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Project Veritas: Google Document Dump

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Google Document Dump

Below is an index of internal Google documents Project Veritas received from the Google insider. Each folder can be downloaded by clicking on the links in the table. Project Veritas has not re-named any of the files, but did arrange the documents into the downloadable folders below.

Fake News
Hiring Practices
Leadership Training
Machine Learning Fairness
Psychological Research
Misc and Video

by Staff Report June 25, 2019 in News Posts / Top Stories / Veritas Leaks / Tech / Google

(New York) – Project Veritas has obtained a newly leaked document from Google that appears to show a Google employee and member of Google “transparency-and-ethics” group calling conservative and libertarian commentators, including Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro, “nazis.” Project Veritas received this document after the release of its investigation into Google through the “Be Brave” campaign at VeritasTips.

Other big tech insiders can…

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