NWO: Desperate Nancy Pelosi Rolls Out Trump Impeachment Plan-D: ‘Bribery

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi has launched Plan-D, the latest phase of House Democrats' impeachment inquiry farce, as the Washington Post admits Democrats are literally using a "focus group" to decide which crime to accuse President Trump of next.Speaker Nancy Pelosi has launched Plan-D, the latest phase of House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry farce, as the Washington Post admits Democrats are literally using a “focus group” to decide which crime to accuse President Trump of next.

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Project Veritas: BREAKING: Congress sends Letter of Inquiry to ABC

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The Project Veritas ABC News / #EpsteinCoverUp story continues to make a

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As a direct result of Project Veritas’ ABC #EpsteinCoverUp story released November 5, 2019, James Goldston, President of ABC has been sent an official letter signed by three members of the United States House of Representatives.

In that letter, the House Republican Leader, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and the ranking Republican members of both the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs Committees, Mike T. McCaul (R-TX) and Doug A. Collins (R-GA), officially requested more information regarding the “hot mic” recording from August, 2019.

That recording was provided to, and entrusted with, Project Veritas by Ignotus, an insider with a conscience, still working within ABC.

See the full Congressional Letter here:

ABC News’ decision to not move forward with the story when they had it in 2016 was questioned by the Congressmen, explicitly raising “the possibility that any number of…

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Google keeps blacklists of sites and has targeted conservative news sites and blogs’ cla ims report.

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Are you pissed off enough yet?

The Wall Street Journal claims Google has been blacklisting sites
It also claims that conserv – https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/google-keeps-blacklists-of-sites-and-has-targeted-conservative-news-sites-and-blogs-claims-report/

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The WAR ON CHRISTIANS continues, another reason to boycott Amazon this CHRISTmas!!

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War on Christmas: Amazon Labels Nativity Story as ‘Holiday Fiction’

Amazon is touting a new children’s book narrating the birth of Jesus Christ as its “#1 New Release in Children’s Christian Holiday Fiction.”

The book The First Christmas, by Breitbart Rome Bureau Chief Thomas D. Williams, is an illustrated children’s poem describing the nativity of Jesus in anapestic tetrameter, the same poetic meter used in Clement Clarke Moore’s classic Christmas poem, A Visit from Saint Nicholas.

Unlike A Visit from Saint Nicholas and other “holiday” poems, however, Williams’s book actually tells the Nativity story exactly as recounted in the gospels of Saints Luke and Matthew, without the addition of fictional embellishments.

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“during the questioning Adam Schiff stopped the Democratic questioning to read the president’s tweet to her and get her response”.

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2019/11/15/fncs-baier-trumps-yovanovitch-tweet-changed-this-entire-dynamic-added-an-article-of-impeachment/

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The Dan Bongino Show: Interview with President Donald J. Trump

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Interview 1: President Donald J. Trump

by Team Bongino  


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In this episode, I interview President Donald J. Trump. We cover the impeachment, the economy, election 2020, and more.

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