Rumor Check: Obama Told Congressional Interns Not to Celebrate the 4th of July?

False Internet rumors spread like wildfire, as they’re often sparked by satire stories that someone, along-the-way, accidentally interprets to be legitimate news items. Case-in-point: An article published by The Liberty Paper entitled, “Obama to College Students: Do Not Celebrate Fourth of July.” The piece is marked as political satire, but the label, it seems, was missed by some. This has led to questions surrounding the commander-in-chief’s patriotism — and rapid misinformation about his views on the Revolutionary War.

The article includes a faux transcript of the president allegedly speaking to Congressional interns. In the text, while praising America as “a great country,” the president goes on to tout big government and to urge his young audience not to celebrate the nation’s independence from Great Britain.

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CAIR will have its panties in a wad over comedian Adam Corolla’s anti-Muslim smears

‘Liberal Overlords of Comedy’

Ban making love to younger women

If the Obama administration is going after guns, it should also ban marriage as well as old men “making love” to young women, jested stand up comic Jackie Mason in a radio interview.

“Another thing you should ban is ban marriage,” said Mason, commenting on WABC Radio’s “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” Sunday night regarding proposed gun legislation

“More people are killed because of love affairs. Because if somebody cheated in a marriage, then they are more likely to be killed than anybody in any other circumstance. You should even ban conversations.”

Continued the comic: “You should certainly stop young women from making love to old men. Every time an 18-year-old girl makes love to a 60-year-old man, how long do you think he’s got to live?”

Mason pointed to statistics that he said show more people are killed by knives than guns.

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Obama Paranoid Government Coming For His Guns

Reflecting attitudes held throughout his personal and political life, President Barack Obama restated Thursday his long-standing fear that the U.S. government is even now putting measures in place to take his guns away.

Obama, an avid gun enthusiast with an extensive history of mistrusting the federal government, claimed Washington’s actions in recent years have been particularly egregious and described its “rabid anti-gun zealotry” as “some real sinister, Nazi-type shit.”

“The thing for damn sure is you can’t trust ’em,” Obama told reporters Thursday morning, cradling a .22-caliber bolt-action hunting rifle in his arms. “No matter how hard you work or how many taxes you pay, the goddamn government’s sure as shit gonna pass some law or officiate some warrant to try and take your guns. Because when the people don’t have any guns, that’s when they take control.”

“Just like in England,” the president added. “They took away all the guns there, and now they have video cameras all over the place to spy on everybody. You think America wouldn’t do that if they could?”

According to President Obama, the U.S. government has for years made a concerted effort to “destroy the Second Amendment of the damned Constitution, for God’s sake,” while silencing the voices of gun owners such as himself who merely wish to retain the ability to protect their home and family.

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