QuickTrip Mart Will Not Re-Build in Ferguson

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Well, the fools who destroyed their own neighborhood during riots in Ferguson, Missouri after a teenager was killed by a police officer there have made their own neighborhood into a lesser place. The one convenience store and gas station they had in their area, the one burned down, will not be rebuilt.

The QuickTrip, the famed convenience store that “gentle giant” Michael Brown robbed moments before he was confronted by a Ferguson police officer, was burned to the ground by rioters two weeks ago.

It was the only convenience store in the area. But now, Gateway Pundit reports that the company says it will not bother to rebuild the store.

The company sent gasoline tankers to the site to pump out all the gas in the underground holding tanks and have said it will tear the store down leaving an empty lot.

They say the store was barely breaking even…

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NATO’s Options in Ukraine. Propaganda Retrenchment Before “Aggressive Military Aid” Directed against Russia

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After provoking what is increasingly a devastating and expanding conflict in Ukraine, NATO appears to be out of options as its proxy regime loses its grip on both its military campaign against its own population in eastern Ukraine, as well?

Vía Global Research http://ift.tt/1pjptxh

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Religious leaders call for shake-up of faith schools

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A coalition of religious leaders are calling for a “rebalancing” of faith schools, including making sure parents do not use religion to try to gain a place at a popular school.

The Accord Coalition says it is also concerned that some faith schools are “blinkering children’s educational experiences”.

Source: www.itv.com

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Even Without Victims of Current War, Iraq has More than 3 Million Disabled

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Adel Fakhir reports for Rudaw:

An Iraqi girl laughs as a doctor checks her pulse during a medical check-up at Al-Hanan Home for Severely Handicapped Children in Baghdad. AFP‘Even without counting victims from the ongoing war, up to three million people across Iraq suffer from physical disabilities, coping with life without any special facilities as laws to help them fail to be implemented. War and some of its consequences – including terrorism and traffic accidents – are the main reasons for so many Iraqis being physically handicapped, doctors say.

“Addressing people with special needs is not a about an individual or rare case,” said Dr. Bassem Sharif al-Hudjaimi. “It’s about the rights of 10-12 percent of the Iraqi nation. That is more than three million Iraqis in all parts of Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region,” he told Rudaw.  “They all suffer from injuries, disability due to wars or terrorism, and the absence of a real health watchdog,” said Hudjaimi,  a member the outgoing parliament’s health and environment committee. Many doctors who treat special needs patients feel…

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VIDEO: Celebrate Labor Day With A FoxNews Primer On Welfare

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How much does Fox pay Juan Williams to be a punching bag

Take away what one will, but the main points:

  • Over one in three Americans are on some sort of government assistance
  • There are over 97 FEDERAL programs for cash payouts from the government, never mind the states
  • The cheating and falsifying documents to get said “benefits” is rampant, and it’s not just the queens who have more kids to get more cash.  Some of the worst abuses this writer has witnessed were middle aged men wearing gold watches and silk shirts and buying tailgate food.
  • With the current system, it is very difficult to escape poverty
  • We’re going to be in debt for the next century.

This did not happen overnight.  It is not completely the Obama Administration’s doing, but the Regime’s domestic policies that do not support private enterprise and thus job creation are contributing to the…

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Strip Club Owner Charged With Prostitution

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WELLFORD, S.C. (AP) — Authorities say the owner of a strip club in Spartanburg County has been charged with prostitution after dancers offered to perform sex acts for money on undercover officers.

Welford Police Chief Jeff Bowers told local media outlets that the dancers told the undercover officers that part of the money they paid would also go to the owner of Teazers Entertainment, 51-year-old Timothy Treadwell.

Police say they also are seeking arrest warrants against the dancers.

It wasn’t known if Treadwell had a lawyer.

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