Pro-life student group members arrested on campuses

Here are the reports coming in from the Survivors Facebook Page and some action items you can do to help these young, brave pro-life warriors. We will keep adding updates as they come in.

Survivors arrested in Jackson, Mississippi! The Campus Life Team were arrested for standing on a public sidewalk in front of Murrah High this afternoon. Moments after arriving at the campus to share the message of Life, Kristina Garza and Brianna Baxter were handcuffed and taken to the county jail while two more members had their signs and lit taken from them and were forced across the street. Please pray as the Survivors continue standing for their first amendment rights in this situation! We will keep you updated.

The Survivors are STILL being punitively held at the Hinds County Jail. At this point, Jackson will probably attempt to hold them overnight. Do you want to help the Survivors? Call the Hinds County Jail booking office RIGHT NOW and ask that the Survivors be released! Call 601-857-4800, ask for Deputy Williams (booking Deputy).

As quoted in this news article from WAPT, the superintendent of Jackson Public Schools and local law enforcement say they had “no recourse but to arrest the demonstrators,” claiming the Survivors were trespassing and creating a safety issue. The Survivors were on a PUBLIC SIDEWALK when they were arrested, peacefully handing out literature and holding signs. Murrah, the only safety issue we see is your administration endangering our right to freedom of speech.

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’USA! USA!’ Victory Chant Deemed Racial Insult

In what is being described as an incident of racism, a school district in Texas has filed a complaint after some rival high school students chanted “U-S-A! U-S-A!” to celebrate a basketball victory. And some of the students involved have now been punished and forced to apologize.

Student supporters at Alamo Heights High School started the celebratory chant after their team clinched a regional championship against San Antonio Edison High School on Saturday, the San Antonio News-Express reported.

Edison High School is predominantly Hispanic, and officials at the San Antonio Independent School District took the chant as a racial insult from supporters of the largely white Alamo Heights team.

According to the News-Express, the chant lasted only about five seconds before Alamo Heights head coach Andrew Brewer quickly silenced the students. Nevertheless, SAISD athletic director Gil Garza on Tuesday filed a complaint with the University Interscholastic League, which oversees extracurricular activities in Texas public schools.

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Feds Can Seize Any Foreign .Com Run by a Company on US Soil

If a website violates U.S. Federal or a state law, the government has the ability to have that site taken down. It can do this with any .com, .org., .net, .you-name-it. Although this capability may not be anything new, EasyDNS — an Internet infrastructure company – says the “ramifications of this are no less than chilling.”
Federal Government Can Order Foreign Websites With Domain Names Run by U.S. Companies to Be Taken Down

That statement comes as, just last week, the Canadian-based gambling site was shutdown due to violations of U.S. gambling laws. So, as Wired’s Threat Level explains, many domain names are not safe — even those of foreign websites — if “the companies that have the contracts to administer them are based on United States soil.” Wired reports that many .com et al domain names are held in contracts with a U.S.-based company called Verisign. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman, Nicole Navas, told Wired that in cases where websites are selling counterfeit products or streaming music or movies illegally, the government would serve Verisign with a court order to remove the website. Seizures such as this have taken place about 750 times under Operation in Our Sites, which seeks to preserve intellectual property rights and protect consumers.

Here’s what Verisign had to say about this situation to Wired:

“VeriSign responds to lawful court orders subject to its technical capabilities,” the company said in a statement. “When law enforcement presents us with such lawful orders impacting domain names within our registries, we respond within our technical capabilities.”

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Producer to Hollywood Left: ‘F–K You. I Am Andrew Breitbart’

Note: There’s language in this story that’s NSFW. And that’s fine by us.

When news of Andrew Breitbart’s death hit the internet on Thursday, one friend of Andrew’s spoke up on Twitter. His name is Daniel Knauf, and he’s a major producer in town: creator of HBO’s Carnivàle, writer on Supernatural and My Own Worst Enemy, writer-producer on Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and the upcoming HBO/BBC American mini-series Year Zero. Here’s what he tweeted:

Knauf is a conservative, you see. And as all conservatives in Hollywood know, being a conservative is the Mark of Cain. After receiving a series of hate tweets about Andrew, Knauf had enough. Here’s what he tweeted:

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