Idiotic and Racist Woman sues cops because she had to listen to Rush Limbaugh!

2012 and What Democrats Believe

Democrats believe that you are legally permitted to break into an empty home if you need a place to stay.

Democrats believe that stealing furniture from someone’s home — if it’s in the best interest of your family — is a legally acceptable practice.

Democrats believe that you are within your rights to crash a rich man’s party if you’re hungry, because he’s got plenty of extra food.

Democrats believe that any person, should they require access to clean facilities like showers, toilets, and towels, must be legally permitted to break into a health club.

And because Internet access is a human right, Democrats believe that those without it are legally allowed to break into office buildings to obtain web access.

I know all this to be true.

Because Democrat politicians believe that millions of foreigners have every right to enter our home — our sovereign republic — to use our schools, our health care system, our roads, and our infrastructure. Democrats believe that immigration laws aren’t laws at all; for, in fact, they are suing states for enforcing the very immigration laws that Congress passed!

These temporary politicians — these useless Democrats hacks — no longer represent the people. They represent illegal aliens, who are trespassing in our country; who are entering our land without any background checks or vetting procedures; who are driving up unemployment among citizens; who often come for free health care services or schooling or more nefarious reasons; who do not understand the history or traditions of this country; and whose presence here will ultimately Balkanize this country in ways no one can possibly foresee.

For Democrats, clinging to political power trumps the Constitution; it trumps the laws they have passed; it trumps the concerns of the citizenry; it trumps every moral and ethical tenet of this country. But their appetite for raw power is so insatiable, and it is so naked and malevolent, that they are willing to sacrifice future generations so they can climax on their unchecked power.

Therefore I urge you, America’s citizens, to remember the permanent damage these temporary politicians are doing to this country. I urge you to remember in 2012 and to obliterate the Democrat Party politically — at every level of government.

Noted climatologist Bill Maher on Alabama tornados: ‘This is global warming’

Despite being someone who opposes blind faith and living a life in accordance to religious texts, HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher has put his faith into a scientific theory that has had its share of doubt cast on it over the past two years.

On his Friday evening show, in a discussion with Harry Shearer, the voice behind many of the characters on “The Simpsons,” Maher commented on the disastrous tornado that hit Alabama last month, claiming a death toll of 238 to date.

“What do you think about this tornado situation that ran through, I guess it was mostly Alabama,” Maher said. “But I mean it was, we used to hear about tornados that were a few hundred yards wide. This ran 300 miles. They used to just touch down.”

According to Maher, the cause of the killer tornado is obvious: Global warming.
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“This is global warming,” Maher declared. “This is global warming – there’s more moisture – it’s what scientist always said. There’s more moisture in the atmosphere. It’s going to cause these giant disasters.”

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Bill Clinton is a dangerous man

Hey kids! Let’s set up an agency to monitor and censor the internet!

At least, Bill Clinton thinks it’s a splendid idea:

The agency, Clinton said, would “have to be totally transparent about where the money came from” and would have to be “independent” because “if it’s a government agency in a traditional sense, it would have no credibility whatever, particularly with a lot of the people who are most active on the internet.”

“Let’s say the U.S. did it, it would have to be an independent federal agency that no president could countermand or anything else because people wouldn’t think you were just censoring the news and giving a different falsehood out,” Clinton said.

“That is, it would be like, I don’t know, National Public Radio or BBC or something like that, except it would have to be really independent and they would not express opinions, and their mandate would be narrowly confined to identifying relevant factual errors” he said. “And also, they would also have to have citations so that they could be checked in case they made a mistake. Somebody needs to be doing it, and maybe it’s a worthy expenditure of taxpayer money.”

There are so many things wrong with this idea – take your pick. But what I find truly chilling is that a former president of the United States would suggest it. He more than anyone else knows the power of government and what it can do to violate the rights of citizens.

And don’t you love the idea of the liberal NPR or far far left BBC being the model for “truthiness” on the internet? Looking through a liberal prism, any conservative claims would be considered lies, and just about any liberal claim would be accepted as truth. Only liberals believe those entities give an objective view of the world in their news coverage.

The rest of us know better.

Bay Bridge toll could double

The Maryland Transportation Authority is developing a plan that would raise tolls dramatically for the first time in decades.

The proposed tolls are part of a four-year package of $210 million in increases that would affect the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the Baltimore Harbor crossings, the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway and other toll facilities.

The plan discussed before the authority’s finance committee Thursday calls for raising the tolls Oct. 1 this year and July 1, 2013.

The toll on the Bay Bridge would be raised from $2.50 to $5 this year, and $8 in 2013. Tolls on the bridge have been frozen since 1975. Commuter rates would jump to $1.50 in the first phase and $2.80 in the second.

Maryland Transportation Secretary Beverley Swaim-Staley said Thursday that toll increases are unavoidable because of the need to pay bondholders for existing debts and the growing maintenance demands of aging bridges, tunnels and roads.

“They are at an age where they need major rehabilitation, and we need to pay for that rehabilitation,” Swaim-Staley said.

Republican Sen. E.J. Pipkin, R-Cecil, described the proposed increases as “outrageous.” He said they show how “out of touch” Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley’s administration is with the average working family.

“Do you think the average family income in Maryland has gone up 300 percent?” Pipkin asked.

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Liberals seek a “Brave New World”

A long-simmering movement by liberal stalwarts in southern Arizona to break away from the rest of the largely conservative state is at a boiling point as secession backers press to bring their longshot ambition to the forefront of Arizona politics.

A group of lawyers from the Democratic stronghold of Tucson and surrounding Pima County have launched a petition drive seeking support for a November 2012 ballot question on whether the 48th state should be divided in two.

The ultimate goal of the newly formed political action committee Start our State is to split Pima County off into what would become the nation’s 51st state, tentatively dubbed Baja Arizona.

Backers have until July 5 next year to collect the 48,000 signatures required to qualify for a spot on the ballot. If they succeed, it would mark only the first hurdle in a long, circuitous process that even the most determined of supporters readily acknowledge has little chance of bearing fruit.

“We at least need to get it on the ballot, as a nonbinding resolution, to ask the people of Pima County if they want to be a part of Arizona,” Tucson attorney Paul Eckerstrom, a former Pima County Democratic chairman who launched the campaign, told Reuters. “All the stars would have to align for this to happen, but it could conceivably happen by the fall of 2013.”

U.S. history is replete with efforts to carve one state from another — from the creation of Kentucky and Tennessee in the 1790s to more modern misfires like proposals to partition Long Island from New York or to split California in half.

The last successful intrastate secession movement was the formation of West Virginia during the Civil War.

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Coulter vs. Olbermann, again

1.) Pakistan is really upset about the whole Bin Laden thing, wink, wink — Pakistan has been complaining that the United States violated its sovereignty by killing Osama Bin Laden. As it turns out, this is part of the plan. According to The Guardian, the US and Pakistan made a secret agreement after 9/11 that if we found Bin Laden on Pakistani soil, he was all ours: “The deal was struck between the military leader General Pervez Musharraf and President George Bush after Bin Laden escaped US forces in the mountains of Tora Bora in late 2001, according to serving and retired Pakistani and US officials. Under its terms, Pakistan would allow US forces to conduct a unilateral raid inside Pakistan in search of Bin Laden, his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and the al-Qaida No3. Afterwards, both sides agreed, Pakistan would vociferously protest the incursion.” So Pakistan saves face after Bin Laden loses his. Fair enough.

2.) Not All Muslims rush airplane cockpit — The rest of the Muslim world seems to be taking the Bin Laden thing as well as can be expected. But of course, there are always a few bad figs to spoil the whole bunch. The Associated Press reports: “The passengers sat stunned as they watched a man walk quickly toward the front of American Airlines Flight 1561 as it was descending toward San Francisco. He was screaming and then began pounding on the cockpit door… Within moments Sunday, a flight attendant tackled Rageh Almurisi. Authorities do not yet have a motive.” And what was Almursi screaming? To find out, you have to go all the way to the 9th paragraph: “Andrew Wai, another passenger, told KGO-TV on Monday that the wife of one of the men who took Almurisi down later said Almurisi was yelling ‘Allahu Akbar.’” Motive? What motive?

3.) Countdown until Olbermann fires back at Coulter — Saturday night was the Media Research Center Dishonors Awards, dedicated to “roasting the most outrageously biased liberal reporting.” And when it came time to make fun of Keith Olbermann, the name at the top of the list was Ann Coulter. As TheDC’s Jeff Poor reports, Coulter explained why she was there: “There are a number of reasons. First, of course, both Keith and I are girls. We also both went to college in Ithaca, N.Y. I went to the Ivy League Cornell School of Arts and Sciences, and Keith went to the Old McDonald’s School of Agriculture. I wouldn’t mention it except Keith is compulsively telling people saying he went to the Ivy League Cornell, desperate to have people think of him as a major egghead.” If you don’t follow @KeithOlbermann on Twitter, you should. It’s always fun to read his tweets after he’s been mocked in public by somebody whose opinion matters to him. And of course, be sure to check for all your Keith Olbermann news and information!

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Bill Maher Continues His Tea Party-Bashing

Dear Bill,

We get it. You don‘t like the Tea Party and you’re going to continue asking why they weren’t screaming during the Bush years (ignoring the simple retort that people require a “long train of abuses” before they demand change). But when you start calling a group of people “fat” and “useful idiots” on network television like CBS (and not on your HBO show), it starts getting to be too much.

Now, I know CBS and David Letterman seemed to want you to say what you did last night (the “fat” and “useful idiot” remarks), and they bear responsibility for that. But just because someone wants you to say disrespectful, hateful things, doesn’t mean you should.

Is that really necessary? Seriously, Bill? I mean, imagine if you said those things about the congressional black caucus. Or an LGBT group. Or even Oprah’s book club. You would be slammed in the media.

Hey, but thanks for letting the Tea Party know that you will continue to call them “Teabaggers” until the end of time. Now they know.

And you know, heck, in the end I guess you’re only bashing a bunch of stupid, uneducated, patriotic, Constitution-loving, slobs knows as the Tea Party. It’s okay, then. I think. Right?