Ross Township Killer Rockne Newell: Just Another Obama Supporter Killing People

FOX News reported:

A gunman blasted shots through the wall of a Pennsylvania municipal building during a meeting on Monday and then barged into the meeting room and continued firing, killing three people, before he was tackled by a local official and shot with his own gun, a witness said.

The shooting, which also injured some people, happened shortly before 7:30 p.m. during Ross Township’s monthly meeting, Monroe County emergency management director Guy Miller said. The gunman, who appeared to be “shooting randomly,” was captured and was treated at a hospital, which was placed on lockdown, he said. The shooter later was released into police custody, said the hospital, which was treating two shooting victims.

State police in Lehighton confirmed the gunman had been captured but didn’t immediately have details on the arrest.

The Pocono Record said one of its reporters was in the township building and a gunman armed with a pistol with a scope shot through a wall into the meeting, in a rural area of northeastern Pennsylvania about 85 miles north of Philadelphia.

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FEC Official: New Emails Show Agency May Have Colluded With IRS in Political Targeting Scandal

The vice chairman of the Federal Election Commission said Monday he had seen undisclosed email exchanges between FEC employees and the Internal Revenue Service that show the two agencies may have worked together to target conservative groups.

Don McGahn’s admission would seem to confirm earlier reports that raised questions regarding a possible collusion between the two agencies.

An investigator with the FEC had contacted Lois Lerner, the IRS official at the center of the targeting scandal, to discuss the status of the American Future Fund, a conservative political advocacy group, McGahn told CNN.

Shortly after Lerner was contacted, the IRS sent a questionnaire to the conservative group.

“Who’s the dog and who’s the tail (in this case)? Who knows,” McGahn said. But “dealing with Lois Lerner is probably out of the ordinary.”

The emails “could be benign (or) could be more sinister,” he added, noting that the email exchanges are not a smoking gun.

Still, he continued, the emails call for further investigation.

Also, it’s worth noting that FEC staffers were apparently never cleared to reach out to the IRS — an apparent departure from FEC protocol, McGahn, a Republican, said.

Republican congressional investigators, including Congressman Darell Issa (R-Calif.), have made numerous and repeated requests for copies of the email exchanges.

FEC Democratic Chairwoman Ellen L. Weintraub said she is unfamiliar with any email exchanges between her agency and the IRS.

“If there was any evidence or targeting based on ideology, that would be extremely serious, but I have not seen any evidence of that,” she said.

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Are Police in America Now a Military, Occupying Force?

Despite the steady hue and cry by government agencies about the need for more police, more sophisticated weaponry, and the difficulties of preserving the peace and maintaining security in our modern age, the reality is far different. Indeed, violent crime in America has been on a steady decline, and if current trends continue, Americans will finish the year 2013 experiencing the lowest murder rate in over a century.

Despite this clear referendum on the fact that communities would be better served by smaller, demilitarized police forces, police agencies throughout the country are dramatically increasing in size and scope. Some of the nation’s larger cities boast police forces the size of small armies. (New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg actually likes to brag that the NYPD is his personal army.) For example, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has reached a total of 10,000 officers. It takes its place alongside other cities boasting increasingly large police forces, including New York (36,000 officers) and Chicago (13,400 officers). When considered in terms of cops per square mile, Los Angeles assigns a whopping 469 officers per square mile, followed by New York with 303 officers per square mile, and Chicago with 227 cops per square mile.

Of course, such heavy police presence comes at a price. Los Angeles spends over $2 billion per year on the police force, a 36% increase within the last eight years. The LAPD currently consumes over 55% of Los Angeles’ discretionary budget, a 9% increase over the past nine years. Meanwhile, street repair and maintenance spending has declined by 36%, and in 2011, one-fifth of the city’s fire stations lost units, increasing response times for 911 medical emergencies.

For those who want to credit hefty police forces for declining crime rates, the data just doesn’t show a direct correlation. In fact, many cities across the country actually saw decreases in crime rates during the 1990s in the wake of increasing prison sentences and the waning crack-cocaine epidemic. Cities such as Seattle and Dallas actually cut their police forces during this time and still saw crime rates drop.

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Rush Limbaugh’s Fascinating Theory on the Media and Apple

While you may be used to Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh offering thoughts on current political issues, last week he waded into the tech waters with a new comparison involving Apple, journalists, and the GOP.

Last Thursday, the talk radio personality said tech bloggers are biased against Apple the same way that the mainstream media is biased against Republicans.

“I would venture to say that nine out of 10 bloggers writing high-tech hate Apple,” Limbaugh said on his radio show. “Apple is the equivalent of the Republicans on these blogs, and Google, Android, and Samsung are the equivalent of the Democrats. They’re perfect, they can’t do anything wrong, they’re ideal, and everybody hates Apple.”

Limbaugh, who recently celebrated 25 years in national syndication, is best known for edgy political commentary. But he is also a fan of tech blogs, and occasionally speaks well of Apple products on the program.

Limbaugh said he didn’t think even the minority of pro-Apple tech bloggers were Republicans.

“This entire universe of tech bloggers is probably liberal Democrat, in their politics,” Limbaugh said.

He added, “most of them think they’re young and hip, pop culture hip, that’s high-tech, of course it would be.”

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Vicious: Blacks pummel white child on bus

A cell-phone video captures the 13-year-old boy’s screams for help as he’s pummeled with fists and kicked by three bigger, older youths who “ganged up” on him as he was about to get off at his bus stop.

The black teens beat the white sixth-grader for roughly a minute before opening the emergency-exit door and fleeing the bus.

As the relentless assault unfolds, the bus driver John Moody yells at the teens to leave the boy alone. He also asks dispatchers to send help.

“You gotta get somebody here quick, quick, quick, quick,” he urged. “They’re about to beat this boy to death over here.”

Moody added, “Please get somebody here quick. There’s still doing it. There’s nothing I can do.”

Moody, 64, said he was too afraid to physically intervene. And according to Lealman Intermediate School’s policy, he is only required to call dispatch.

“The three boys just jumped on him and started pounding on him. And I did all I can,” he told WFLA-TV. “I was looking. It was like I was in shock. I was petrified.”

The attack took place July 9 in Pinellas County, Fla., but the horrific cell-phone video – and a bus surveillance video – came to light only recently.

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‘Lethal Dose of Texas Justice’

A pair of suspected criminals got what the Huffington Post described as a “lethal dose of Texas justice” last week after allegedly kidnapping a couple and then forcing them to rob a bank.

Investigators are not releasing the names of the couple, but believe the suspects knew the wife worked at First National Bank of Eagle Lake in Columbus, Texas, or they would’ve have staked out the couple’s home and forced her to withdraw an undisclosed amount of money from the bank after-hours.

After the robbery, police say the suspects — identified as 20-year-old Jordan Kutach and 21-year-old Preston Kutach — forced the husband to drive the group in his truck down Highway 71.

However, they were presumably unaware that the husband had a firearm in his car. After surreptitiously accessing it, the husband shot both suspects, seriously wounding one and killing the other.

Residents say the husband is a reserve officer with the sheriff’s department, and that the community supports him and his wife throughout this difficult time, KHOU-TV reports.

“I’m sure that they’re both going to be upset for awhile,” resident Brenda Buehler said. “It’s a frightening thing to have happen, but I think everybody’s going to tell them good job.”

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Obama Ignored Syrian Christians Requests For Weapons To Defend Themselves…

Socialism is not the Answer

Weasel Zippers

So he will give weapons to Islamist rebels but not Christians? Just a tad f*cked up.

Via Telegraph:

Towns and villages in Syria that have been home to Christians for hundreds of years are being steadily emptied by sectarian violence and targeted kidnappings.

Tens of thousands Syriac Christians – members of the oldest Christian community in the world – have fled their ancestral provinces of Deir al-Zour and Hasakah in northeastern Syria, residents have said.

“It breaks my heart to think how our long history is being uprooted,” said Ishow Goriye, the head of a Syriac Christian political Hasakah.

Mr Goriye, told The Daily Telegraph how, over the past two years he has watched as Christian families from Hasakah pack their possessions on the rooftops of their vehicles and flee their homes “with little plan to come back”.

Conflict in the area, desperate economic conditions, lawlessness, and persecution…

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