Florida High School World History book is “big Islam lovefest”, claiming “Muslims, Jews, and Christians worship the same God”

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Florida state rep. says high school world history textbook is a big Islam lovefest

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Source: by Eric Owens at dailycaller.com

 A Florida school board is reviewing a state-approved world history textbook used in an Advanced Placement class over claims that the book covers Islam in loving, rah-rah detail while giving short shrift to Christianity and Judaism. The textbook – called simply World History – is published under Pearson’s Prentice Hall imprint and is currently in use in an A.P. class in Brevard County schools—and in school districts across the country.It contains a 36-page chapter fondly devoted to “Muslim Civilizations,” reports FOX News. Sections include discussions of the rise of Islam and the growth of the Muslim empire. Take a wild guess about the nu.mber of chapters the book dedicates to Christianity or Judaism. That’s right: zero.

“It’s remarkably one-sided,” said

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Dear Barack: Here’s why I don’t wish you well

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From WND

Exclusive: Mychal Massie accuses Obama of fomenting racial discord globally

author-image  Mychal Massie   |   26 August 2013

This is intended to be an open letter to you, Barack Obama. I will dispense with the usual salutatory “Dear Mr. blah blah” because to address you as same would mean that I accept you as my president, which I cannot and do not. I know my words will offend those for whom the color of your skin means more than the quality of your job performance, but I place a high premium on the performance of the man who occupies the position you do – a performance that ought to be based on leadership, loyalty to America and adherence to the Constitution of the United States. I view you, in the absence of any of those qualities, as a seat-holder for an American leader who embodies those qualities…

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Public School Is One Of The Most Dangerous Places You Could Possibly Put Your Children

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From The American Dream
By Michael Snyder, on August 26th, 2013

Sandy Hook School Shooting

Would you willingly send your kids into a war zone?  No way.  Would you willingly send your children into a federal prison?  Of course not.  So why would you send them to a public school?  In America today, kids are being killed on the way to school, at school and on the way home from school.  Mass shootings are becoming increasingly common, the influence of gangs in our schools is on the rise and sometimes the biggest threat of danger comes from the teachers and the security officials that are supposed to be there to “protect” our children.  But violence is not the only thing for parents to be concerned about when it comes to our public schools.  The truth is that public schools in the United States have become government indoctrination centers, and many teachers are constantly…

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Carter Awarded Medal of Honor

Marine Vet For Freedom


Before I start the article, I want to say Semper FIdels to Staff Sergeant Carter.  You are the embodiment of what it means to serve with honor.

President Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to Army Staff Sergeant Ty M. Carter on August 26, 2013 for the heroism he displayed during one of the most intense battles of the Afghanistan war.

Mr. Obama called Carter a “true American hero.”

In the Oct. 3, 2009 battle at Combat Outpost Keating, Carter rescued a fellow soldier and carried him through a hail of bullets, unarmed. On that day nearly 300 insurgents, armed with rifles & rocket-propelled grenades, surrounded the outpost in Afghanistan’s Nuristan Province. Fifty-three Americans were stationed there; eight were killed in the battle, and 22 were wounded.

When the battle started, Carter ran from his rack to a guard post, exposing himself to the barrage of gunfire. He knew that…

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