“I’m Done with Republicans If They Don’t Fight Obamacare”

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Published on Aug 20, 2013


Bill gets an entitlement card and a race card….fun for all!

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Video: Krauthammer Calls State Dept Stonewall on Benghazi a ‘Clinton Protection Operation’

Nice Deb

Yesterday, we learned that Secretary of State John Kerry cleared of wrong-doing four State Department employees who had been put on leave last December by then Sec of State Hillary Clinton over Benghazi screw-ups.

A senior State Department official confirmed to The Daily Beast Monday that all four officials placed on administrative leave were now returned to regular duty and would not face any formal disciplinary action. The administrative leave designation was not a formal punishment, but did prevent the officials from working while the Kerry team, which inherited the Benghazi issue from the Clinton team in February, reviewed their cases.

It’s now official – no one but the whistleblowers have paid any kind of price for the criminal negligence that led to the attack on the Benghazi compound September 11, 2012 that killed our ambassador and 3 others brave Americans.

On Special Report, tonight, Charles Krauthammer dryly noted, “this is…

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Allen West: Benghazi “Obama, Clinton, Rice, Kerry, and puppet-mistress, Jarrett. Congratulations, you all just pissed off the country.”

Allen West Republic


by Allen West via Facebook

When it comes to resolving the Benghazi incident, it’s like Obi Wan’s line from Star Wars, “move along, nothing to see here.” A year after a US Ambassador was murdered during an Islamic terrorist attack along with a State Department official, while two former US Navy SEALS were abandoned to die, as Hillary Clinton stated, “what difference does it make?” It seems if you’re in the Obama Administration you can clearly lie and deceive the American people as Obama, Clinton, and Susan Rice did. You can stonewall any attempts to find and interview the 30-35 survivors. You can disperse and hide CIA operatives who were there in Benghazi at an annex. You can be John Kerry and tell the country, it’s all good and everything is fine. It is not fine, it is not a phony scandal and this blatant disrespect of the families…

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