Obama Family Friend Cooperating with Federal Investigation of Chicago Kickback Scheme

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Dr. Eric Whitaker, a close friend of President Barack Obama, has admitted he is cooperating with federal investigators over a probe into a $433,000 kickback scheme at the Illinois Department of Public Health, an agency he once headed.  On August 9, James A. Lewis, the U.S. Attorney for the Illinois Central District, indicted Quinshaunta R. Golden, Whitaker’s chief of staff at the Illinois Department of Public Health, on charges of conspiring to divert state funds into her own pockets and then attempting to cover it up….

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Chicago Congressman, Danny Davis (D-IL), happens to be Golden’s uncle and as for Whitaker, he’s no saint.  You may recall that Whitaker allegedly bribed Jeremiah Wright….for starters.  See, Obama crony Dr. Eric Whitaker bribed Jeremiah Wright, Accept Christianity without renouncing Islam, Michelle Obama raise, Whitaker federal investigation.

Talk about doing business the Chicago Way.  This is the scum that Obama took…

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Well-dressed Racists

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Re-blogged from A BEAR’S RANT:

It is unbelievable to me that race has again become the huge issue it has after all these years and before a bunch of you jump on me try to tell me that I couldn’t possible know what it’s like because I’m white, think again.  I’ve lived in another country where I was part of the minority and I discovered something when I was living abroad.

I discovered that my perspective of myself and the society around me changed. I saw myself as part of a minority and became overly sensitive to any comment or act that seemed to underscore that fact…..

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A truly wonderful read from the other side of the coin that no one ever talks about.

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