Comedians Have Failed the American People in the Age of Obama

American Glob

Saturday Night Live acts like Romney won in 2012, liberals continue to falsely attribute a Tina Fey quote to Sarah Palin, Funny or Die has become an arm of the Obama administration and the most liberal late night host in America is taking over for David Letterman. It wasn’t always this way.

In fact, it has only been this way since Obama became president.

Instapundit points to an amazing piece by Chris Stigall of Human Events…

Court jester journalists

They said Cronkite’s journalism brought down the Vietnam War and President Johnson.

They used to say that once a president became fodder for late night comics, he was cooked.

President Nixon was the most famous natural enemy of the press.

Presidents Bush and Clinton were too much for the late night comics to pass up.

We said “so long” to the press speaking “truth to power” years ago. Their ideology and…

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I hate to say I told you so, but…………

The Daley Gator

Just yesterday I opined that the Donald Sterling case was going to lead to a place where simply expressing an opinion can cost you your job, or more

There are those that will say that as long as the government is not coming after people for words they say, then our right to free speech is untouched. But, at a certain point we are soon going to be living in a nation where we have the freedom to speak, but might be to afraid to use it. A nation with defacto speech codes barring certain thoughts from being expressed, then, maybe a nation with speech codes dictating that we MUST express certain views or else. In short, a nation where anyone stepping out of line will be subjected to bullying, intimidation, and thuggery. A nation where expressing yourself on Twitter, Facebook, or your personal blog, or even in a private…

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Syrian Muslims Murder/ Crucify Christians Who Refuse To Convert To Islam

Right Punditry

killed by muslimsThis is the real story of what’s happening in Syria. A Croatian reader wrote this to me: “I am not sure if you have someone who can translate this from Croatian into English but this Catholic site is the only one reporting on what is happening in Syria vis-a-vis Islamists slaughter of Christians. This article talks of the crucifixion of two Christians youths who refused to convert to Islam at the point of the gun.”

Obama is backing these savages. Christians were safe under Assad. Obama is supporting the jihadists’ ethnic cleansing of religious minorities.  Islamists have been crucified and the other gruesome ways of killing Christians who refused to renounce faith” here

And not even a whisper of this in the America ‘news’ media?  I haven’t seen it reported, not even on FNC.  Maybe it’s just too politically incorrect , or perhaps I missed the story.  But then again…

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“Black-Ops” Helicopters Buzz Kentucky Residents

The Citizen Media


“Black-ops” helicopters with their lights turned off buzzed Kentucky and Cincinnati residents last night as part of an unannounced military drill, with one eyewitness telling Infowars the maneuvers resembled something out of a “war zone”.

Under the headline, Yes, Those were ‘Black Ops’ helicopters over Florence, 700WLW News reports, “Several callers to the 700 WLW news room overnight said that there were “black ops” helicopters flying over the Florence area. Our news partners at Fox 19 said they received calls as well. Callers said that they spotted at least two choppers, and they were running without lights.”

The news station confirmed with Boone County dispatch center there were indeed “black ops” helicopters flying over northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area and that they were part of an exercise out of Fort Campbell which was using Lunken Airport as a base.

“The Army said it had coordinated the exercise…

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Silicon Valley could force NSA reform, tomorrow. What’s taking so long?

Stop Making Sense

Trevor Timm writes for The Guardian:

Obama with tech leadersHow much are internet companies like Facebook and Google helping the National Security Agency, and why aren’t they doing more to stop it? The CEOs of the major tech companies came out of the gate swinging 10 months ago, complaining loudly about how NSA surveillance has been destroying privacy and ruining their business. They still are. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently called the US a “threat” to the Internet, and Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, called some of the NSA tactics “outrageous” and potentially “illegal“. They and their fellow Silicon Valley powerhouses – from Yahoo to Dropbox and Microsoft to Apple and more– formed a coalition calling for surveillance reform and had conversations with the White House.

But for all their talk, the public has come away empty handed. The USA Freedom Act, the only major new…

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Nuggets – The Saints


The Saints
“Salute every saint in Christ Jesus. The brethren which are with me greet you. All the saints salute you, chiefly they that are of Caesar’s household.” (Philippians 4:21-22)

The apostle Paul typically began and ended most of his church epistles with greetings to and from “the saints.” The context in each case shows that this term was applied to all those who were “in Christ Jesus”—that is, all true Christians. The Greek word hagios meant essentially those people or things that are set aside or consecrated to the Lord. It is frequently translated “holy” and can be applied to objects dedicated to the Lord, as in Hebrews 9:24 (“holy places made with hands”).

The term is applied also to Old Testament believers. At the time of Christ’s resurrection, we are told that “many bodies of the saints which slept arose” (Matthew 27:52).

Although “saints”…

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there’s not a damn thing these nasty CAIR bastards can say or do 2 convince me they should b anywhere but hell.

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there’s not a damn thing these nasty CAIR bastards can say or do 2 convince me they should b anywhere but hell.

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