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‘Bullet to the Head of the NRA’

An anonymous computer game developer has released a violent video game online called, “Bullet to the Head of the NRA,” which allows players to shoot the president of the National Rifle Association.

In a post on a website called Encylopedia Dramtica Forums, user “gizmo01942” made it clear the game was developed out of anger that the NRA has knocked the video game industry in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre for promoting violence. The game is available as a .zip file on the forum.

In his much-publicized speech on Dec. 21, Wayne LaPierre, the organization’s CEO, said, “Isn’t fantasizing about killing people as a way to get your kicks really the filthiest form of pornography?”

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Texas Proposal: JAIL Any Federal Officials Trying to Enforce New Gun Restrictions in the State

A Texas lawmaker says he plans to file the Firearms Protection Act, which would make any federal laws that may be passed by Congress or imposed by Presidential order which would ban or restrict ownership of semi-automatic firearms or limit the size of gun magazines illegal in the state, 1200 WOAI news reports.

Republican Rep. Steve Toth says his measure also calls for felony criminal charges to be filed against any federal official who tries to enforce the rule in the state.

“If a federal official comes into the state of Texas to enforce the federal executive order, that person is subject to criminal prosecution,” Toth told 1200 WOAI’s Joe Pags Tuesday. He says his bill would make attempting to enforce a federal gun ban in Texas punishable by a $50,000 fine and up to five years in prison.

Toth says he will file his measure after speaking with the state’s Republican Attorney General, Greg Abbott, who has already vowed to fight any federal measures which call for restrictions on weapons possession.

Toth concedes that he would welcome a legal fight over his proposals.

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‘Obama uses kids as human shields’

President Obama is being blasted for using American children as “human shields” to announce his new gun-control proposals.

Obama and Vice President Joe Biden plan to unveil their ideas on Wednesday.

White House spokesman Jay Carney noted, “They will be joined by children from around the country who wrote the president letters in the wake of [the Newtown, Conn.] tragedy, expressing their concerns about gun violence and school safety, along with their parents.”

The announcement brought swift condemnation from top-rated radio host Rush Limbaugh, who said, “He’s using these kids as human shields. Obama uses kids as human shields. The Democrats use kids as human shields.”

Limbaugh continued: “He brings these kids who supposedly wrote letters to the White House after Newtown, bring them up there to present a picture of support among the children for the president to do something about guns. It’s gonna be very difficult, very difficult to oppose it. You got these little kids there. They don’t want to die. ‘How can you not listen to them? We’ve gotta do something.’ That’s the picture. That’s the image that the presence of the kids is designed to create.”

Carney said Obama will unveil a “concrete package” of ideas including bans on so-called “assault weapons,” bans on high-capacity ammunition magazines, and closing loopholes on background checks.


The National Rifle Association on Tuesday provided TheBlaze an exclusive look at its new video, which criticizes President Barack Obama’s opposition to having armed guards in more schools across the United States. The gun rights organization refers to the commander-in-chief as a “hypocrite” and an “elitist” in the scathing production.

Noting that Obama’s children are protected by armed guards at their school, the video asks: “Are the president’s kids more important than yours?”

“Mr. Obama demands the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, but he’s just another elitist hypocrite when it comes to a fair share of security,” the video adds.

“Protection for their kids and gun free zones for ours,” the video concludes.

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