Tired of Obama, health care, gun bans, spending?

Tired of federal mandates on issues such as health care? Concerned about the nation’s future with an aggressive White House agenda to ban guns? Worried about the constant rampant spending on phantom projects? Just plain tired of Barack Obama’s idea of America?

There’s a conference coming – studded with high-profile speakers such as Monica Crowley, John O’Sullivan, Phyllis Schlafly and Marshall Teague – that’s just for you. It will teach you how to engage in the political and social battles, and organizers say it will teach you to come out the victor.

Hosted by the Constitution Coalition, events at the Educational Policy Conference are scheduled Jan. 24-26 at the Hilton in St. Louis, and organizer Donna Hearne told WND the issue isn’t complicated, and those who are familiar with America’s founders, founding documents and history already know all about it.

It’s that America as a nation was set up and intended for a “moral people.”

But now, she said, “America is facing a poverty of information on our founding principles, so severe that it threatens the future of freedom.”

General information about the conference is on the website, but for attendance plans, please call 636-386-1789.

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Democrat Tyranny: Issue Proposal Calling for Confiscation of Guns

Russia Building Toward Military Dominance

Russia Building Toward Military Dominance.

The U.S.S.R. has been gone for just over 21 years now, the terror it once exercised over the West deflated into a patched-up old Halloween ghost. Yet, despite the death of the superpower, Russia’s determination to expand its military might has hardly waned.

Russia has recently touted itself as producing the best military hardware in the world, and the nuclear power continues to provide all manner of weaponry to the buyers in the Middle East and elsewhere, despite complaints from the western countries whose enemies Russia is arming.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently stated that Russia sold more than $14 billion in arms and services in 2012. Russia exports its weapons and hardware to eighty-eight countries. Fifty-seven countries are regular buyers, and India remains the largest buyer of Russian military equipment.

Putin promises to increase his country’s military spending by $770 billion from 2014-2020. Russia’s booming sales and profits from their natural oil and gas resources have allowed them to increase their manufacturing of military hardware for export.

Russia’s T-90, T-70 tanks, and Su-35M jets arm some of the strongest armies in Africa, namely Algeria, Uganda, and Chad. Business Insider has called the T-90 Russian battle tank “just as advanced” as the United States’ M1 battle tank at more than half the cost. Russia plans to introduce the T-99 in 2014.

The Su-35 Russian jet is a twin-engine multi-role fighter, an old name on a new plane that Russia hopes will dominate the world market. Libya was a major buyer of the aircraft before the overthrow of the Gadhafi regime.

Fresh talks between the new Libyan authorities and Russia are expected to resume military cooperation between the two parties. Libya recently signed a contract to upgrade 200 T-72 tanks, offering Russia another promising customer as it seeks to build business in the market of restoring, upgrading, and repairing military hardware.

Russia has a healthy portfolio of agreements with Iraq worth more than $4 billion. Between tanks and aircraft, other countries have a shopping list of items to purchase from Russia’s weapons and hardware store.

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A 5-year-old girl from Pennsylvania has been suspended after telling a friend she was going to shoot her with a pink toy gun that spits out bubbles, the Associated Press reports.

The kindergartener was waiting for the bus at the time, and did not have the fake gun with her.

PennLive.com has all the unbelievable details:

Elementary school officials learned of the conversation and questioned the girls the next day, Fickler said. He said the girl did not have a parent present during the 30 minutes of questioning.
The result, he said, was that the student was labeled a “terrorist threat” and suspended for 10 days, Ficker said. The school also required her to be evaluated by a psychologist, [attorney Robin Ficker] said.
“This little girl is the least terroristic person in Pennsylvania,” he said.

The family’s attorney helped reduce the punishment from ten days to two, but the school is keeping the incident on the girl’s record. It has apparently been modified, however, to say she intended to harm another student.

Ficker told The Daily Item that school employees have become “hysterical” since the tragedy at Sandy Hook, and while we need to address genuine issues, there’s certainly a line to be drawn.

“You can’t make light of what happened to this girl either,” Ficker argued. “The incident goes on her permanent school record. She has been branded a troubled person. But she was suspended for her words. She had no gun. She had a bubble-making machine.”

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