MSM Covers Bridgegate 17 Times More in 1 Day Than IRS Scandal in 6 Months

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It must be nice to be Obama.

So free of the accountability the media demands of anyone with an R after their name…

Nets give ‘Bridgegate’ 17 times more coverage in 1 day than IRS scandal in 6 months

The Big Three networks, in a frenzy over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie‘s traffic headache dubbed “Bridgegate,” have devoted a whopping 34 minutes and 28 seconds of coverage to the affair in just the last 24 hours.

By comparison, that’s 17 times the two minutes, eight seconds devoted to President Obama‘s IRS scandal in the last six months, according to an analysis by the Media Research Center.

“While routinely burying new stories on the IRS scandal, the media practically fell over themselves to start taking shots at the potential 2016 Republican presidential nominee,” said the conservative media watchdog.

Since Wednesday night, NBC News included six reports over 14…

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Judge Jeanine Castigates Obama For DOJ’s Partisan Politics: ‘Shame on You!’

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FNC’s Judge Jeanine Pirro scorched Obama in her Opening Statement on Saturday night’s ‘Justice’  for the myriad of scandals his DOJ has studiously avoided investigating – at least until a political rival, Chris Christie, had a scandal of his own – in which case, Holder’s hyper-politicized Department of Justice leaped into action.

So here we are, prosecutorial resources directed not against the killers of Americans, or the violators of the Constitution, but instead against his Democratic administration’s political rival, Pirro said morosely.

“I know the role of a prosecutor, she continued. It is not a political one. The role of a prosecutor is to do justice.”

“Justice cannot be fueled by partisan Presidential Politics,” Pirro concluded. “Shame on you, Mr. President.”

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SURPRISE! Democrats In Congress Are Wealthier Than Republicans

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Open Secrets recently published a new report which says that for the first time, a majority of members of congress are millionaires. Naturally, the report features a photo of Darrell Issa, a Republican.

Would you be surprised to learn that Democrats, who have made it clear that they’re running on economic inequality in 2014, are worth more than Republicans?

Maybe Democrats are planning to share their own wealth with the less fortunate…

For the First Time, Half of Members of Congress are Millionaires…Democrats Worth more than Republicans

Members of Congress continued to get richer last year, resulting in more than 50% of lawmakers possessing a net worth of $1 million or more—something that’s never happened before in congressional history.

Of 534 current members of Congress, at least 268 were millionaires, according the Center for Responsive Politics’ review of financial disclosure reports filed last year.

The median net worth for…

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Rush Limbaugh: “Barack Obama Is Jimmy Carter’s Second Term”

Knockout Game fueled by ‘Holder effect’?

When Barack Obama – the son of a black father and white mother – was elected president in 2008, many hailed it as a monumental step forward for racial reconciliation in the U.S.

But five years into his presidency, is the Obama White House actually making racial tensions worse?

That’s the charge of Russ Vaughn, who posits in an American Thinker commentary that Attorney General Eric Holder’s treatment of the “Knockout Game” phenomenon is revealing the White House’s racial agenda is more concerned with retribution than reconciliation.

“The Obama administration and the Holder Justice Department are deliberately disinclined to prosecute hate crimes where blacks are the perpetrators and whites are the victims,” Vaughn writes. “It is becoming increasingly disturbing that it is not just the Obama administration and the brown-nosed media that have attempted to sweep this new criminal activity under the rug, but [also] local police departments. It’s happening all over the country, and not just in the major urban centers. I call this racialization of the law and criminality the Holder Effect, for it was the relatively new attorney general who famously announced that his Justice Department would side with ‘his people.’”

Vaughn’s column alludes to the Knockout Game, a violent trend wherein young thugs deliver unsuspecting victims a single blow to the head in an attempt to “knock out” the target. Dozens of examples in recent months have shown the Knockout Game is particularly popular among black youths targeting white or Jewish victims.

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