Garbage-Faced Obama STILL Wants To BOMB Syria..A ‘Little’ Just To Look Like A “Man”

Back & Madder Than Ever!

Garbage Faced Obama Still Wants To BOMB Syria..A ‘Little’ Just To Look Like A “Man”

Pweeese, pweese, just let me bomb…just a little bit.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama is NOT a man, he is a devil. A heathen, pagan, murdering, psychopath.  He just wants to bomb Syria…just a little bit.. Isn’t that just so peaceful.  Are not LIBERALS so filled with hearts and flowers?? Just peachy, sweet people.  They are only for ‘peace’ when a GOP is in office–& then, it is only to undermine…  Peace…while they slaughter babies through abortion, want to disarm women from their gun protection. They emasculate men. Indoctrinate our children. Enforce black racism. Encourage the most pitiful of immigrants who hate this country and believe all whites are the devil.  And, the latest, BOMBING countries.

Lying pigs.  The war-mongering MUST stop on both sides.  Repub, Dem:  makes NO difference.  I can’t stand this pig…

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