US General Opposes Obama’s Radical, Globalist United Nations Ambassador Nominee

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Susan Rice is the person who is campaigning to TAKE YOUR RETIREMENT FUNDS AND YOUR 401K’s!!!!!

After Obama awarded Susan Rice, former US Ambassador to the United Nations, for lying to the American public about the attack on Benghazi being the result of a protest over a YouTube video – appointing her his National Security adviser, he nominated Samantha Power as US Ambassador to the United Nations. Retired Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, on Wednesday, joined other conservatives opposing Power’s nomination citing her “track record” indicating she would likely concede US sovereignty to that globalist institution.
Speaking at the National Press Club, Boykin said, “Samantha Power’s attitude that we cede our sovereignty to the United Nations is very misguided and very dangerous as far as I’m concerned.”
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SHOCK VIDEO SURFACES: Dutch Reporter Gang-Raped in Tahrir Square Egypt

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At least two dead in San Francisco airport jet crash: Terror after ‘tail snapped off Boeing 777 on landing’ and it burst into flames


DailyMail PUBLISHED: 13:54 EST, 6 July 2013 |

A Boeing 777 plane carrying 291 crash landed at San Francisco airport this afternoon reportedly killing at least two passengers and injuring 61.

The tail of the Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 flight from South Korea was ripped off in the tragic accident around 11.30am PDT and a huge blaze tore through the plane which onlookers described as spinning around on impact.

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‘They Burned the Children Alive’: Islamic Militants Massacre 29 Students and 1 Teacher at Nigeria Bordering School

Islamic militants attacked a boarding school in northeast Nigeria before dawn Saturday, killing 29 students and one teacher. Some of the pupils were burned alive in the latest school attack blamed on a radical terror group, survivors said.

Parents screamed in anguish as they tried to identify the charred and gunshot victims.

Farmer Malam Abdullahi found the bodies of two of his sons, a 10-year-old shot in the back as he apparently tried to run away, and a 12-year-old shot in the chest.

“That’s it, I’m taking my other boys out of school,” he told The Associated Press as he wept over the two corpses. He said he had three younger children in a nearby school.

“It’s not safe,” he said. “The gunmen are attacking schools and there is no protection for students despite all the soldiers.”

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