Sigh: You Won’t Believe What Michelle Obama Now Considers ‘Unacceptable’

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“I don’t think it’s possible for the FLOTUS to open her mouth without sounding like a complete idiot!”

B. Christopher Agee

June 20, 2014
Photo credit: Barack Obama (Flickr)
Faced with mounting backlash by parents, students, and school administrators, Michelle Obama continues to dig in with her support of a sweeping nutrition program. Despite the fact that opposition abounds, the first lady dedicated a recent White House event to chastising her congressional detractors.

As Western Journalism reported, Republican lawmakers are working to give school districts a way to opt out of the standards, provided they can document that compliance is cost-prohibitive. Obama, however, dismissed the concerns.

“This is unacceptable,” she declared.

She went on to allege that such legislative action is tantamount to “play[ing] politics with kids’ health,” although her critics might accuse her of doing the same thing.

Obama, however, is not alone in her contention that federal mandates are the best…

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Trail Of Lost IRS Emails Might Lead To White House: Were the offices of Rep. Elijah Cummings and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse part of a conspiracy to obstruct justice?

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Were the offices of Rep. Elijah Cummings and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse part of a conspiracy to obstruct justice?

Were the offices of Rep. Elijah Cummings and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse part of a conspiracy to obstruct justice? View Enlarged Image

Scandal: One of the seven people, including Lois Lerner who lost emails from the period of Tea Party targeting by the IRS, served as chief of staff to former IRS head Steven Miller. She also made 35 visits to the White House.

The funny thing about emails is that they are never orphans. When you send one, there’s always a recipient who has his or her own copy. The “lost” Lois Lerner emails had recipients. How about subpoenas to all of them during the Tea Party targeting period? That should help find what we need to know — or maybe not.

It seems six more IRS officials have lost critical emails from that period, a seeming statistical impossibility that shouts out a conspiracy to obstruct justice, and more violations…

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Keep backing the Demon-crats: New York’s bishops are unhappy that state lawmakers Over Tax Credit

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text size Bishops upset over failure on NY tax credit

Updated: Saturday, June 21 2014, 11:13 AM EDT

Albany, N.Y. (AP) — New York’s bishops are unhappy that state lawmakers finished their regular session without approving a tax credit that could have helped Catholic schools.

New York City Cardinal Timothy Dolan had personally lobbied this year for a tax credit for charitable donations made for educational purposes. Supporters hoped the resulting infusion of scholarship money could have saved some struggling Catholic schools.

Lawmakers left Albany this week without passing the bill.

New York State Catholic Conference executive director Richard Barnes says the bishops of New York will continue to discuss this “failure of leadership” in the months ahead with Catholic school families.

The Catholic Conference represents the state’s bishops in public policy matters.

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Remember Saba??? Radical Muslims On The March – Hannity Investigation

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All my blogtalk friends, remember Saba…the girl who father “threatened to honor murder”, was arrested and hospitalized for stalking another moslime in Florida, ect… Well Bridgette Gabrielle puts her in her place on Hannity…just as she told us, she is now masquerading as a “republican” after being schooled at the democrats school of deceit (via internet search). She snowed some of the brightest jihad hunters it seems…she is a stealth jihadi and means to destroy America.

See the videos:

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Obama’s ‘300’ In Iraq: It Won’t Be Like Thermopylae Because We Aint Sparta And Obama Definitely Aint Leonidas

Start Thinking Right

The story is so dramatic and heroic: 300 Spartans, inserting themselves into a pass, held off a million Persians.

My Rottweiler’s version was of 300 Rotts withstanding an attack by over a million vicious Chihuahuas.

Anyway, “Obama’s 300” isn’t going to be a repeat of Thermopylae, let me assure you.

For one thing, let me assure you that Sparta never would have been Sparta if they’d been forced to fight under the same morally idiotic rules of engagement that our warriors are expected to employ.

Spartans fought to win.  The 300 men they sent weren’t “advisors”; they were hard-core warriors who were there to fight to the death.

That aint how we fight anymore.  We fight with political correctness so as not to make Obama feel sad.  You know, if we fight at all.

And anybody who wants to compare Obama with Leonidas – other than to point out…

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Life Experiences

Suzie Speaks

balloon-balloons-dress-h3rsmile-tumblr-com-happiness-happy-favim-com-49804Today I got out of bed at 2.00pm. This is an extremely rare occurance for me, but I was exhausted. This week has been mentally, physically and emotionally draining and I needed to just sleep. It’s been the busiest time at work – the students have finished the last sections of their course and I have submitted their results to the exam board (100% pass and all of them reached or surpassed their target grade), our orchestra and a capella group performed brilliantly on stage at one of the country’s best concert halls with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, and with only four weeks to go until the summer the little cherubs at work are getting a little restless.

On Thursday the school hosted an event called ‘Destiny Africa,’ in which we were honoured with workshops and a performance from children and young adults from the Kampala Children’s Centre

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