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137 Rounds , 104 Officers , 60 Cruisers , 2 Unarmed Citizens Dead … 178 Days Suspension … WTF ?


Cleveland Police Suspend 63 Officers Who Fired 137 Shots Killing Unarmed Man And Woman In High-Speed Chase After Pair Panicked

And Sped Off While Being Pulled Over




” More than 60 Cleveland police officers involved in an unauthorized car chase in which 137 shots were fired, killing two unarmed people, have been suspended. 

A panicked driver and passenger fleeing police were shot dead in November following a 23-minute pursuit in which more than 60 cruisers sped through residential neighborhoods.

While only two police cars are allowed to give chase, dozens of cruisers joined the pursuit because they believed the two victims were armed.

Police Chief Mark McGrath announced today that 63 of the 104 officers involved will be suspended for up to 10 days, while 13 directly involved in the shooting could face criminal charges. The police union said it would appeal the decision. “

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Rebel Army Forming Outside The Evil Empire

Real Science

Pierre Omidyar commits $250m to new media venture with Glenn Greenwald

Omidyar says decision to set up news organisation fueled by ‘concern about press freedoms in the US and around the world’

In an interview with Jay Rosen, media critic and NYU professor of journalism, Omidyar said he was committing an initial $250m to the as-yet-unnamed venture. Omidyar told Rosen the decision was fuelled by his “rising concern about press freedoms in the United States and around the world”.

Omidyar said he hopes the project will promote “independent journalists with expertise, and a voice and a following” while using Silicon Valley knowhow to build an audience. “Companies in Silicon Valley invest a lot in understanding their users and what drives user engagement,” Omidyar said. The company will be online only and all proceeds will be reinvested in journalism.

Pierre Omidyar commits $250m to new media venture with Glenn Greenwald | Media…

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