The Muslims Are Coming, Part II

The Muslims Are Coming, Part II.

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The Muslims Are Coming, Part II October 15, 2013 By Mark Tapson

Several weeks ago I posted a piece on FrontPage Mag entitled “The Muslims Are Coming!” about a recent documentary following a troupe of Muslim standup comics as they toured the country, enlightening all the middle-American clods who have somehow gotten the crazy impression that Islam poses a threat. I harshly attacked this concept; my take was that the world has an Islam problem, not an Islamophobia problem, and that claiming otherwise and slapping a happy face on the issue is insulting and pointless.


The film’s producer and co-director Dean Obeidallah, who is also one of the featured comedians, unsurprisingly took exception to this and called me a bigot and idiot on Twitter for reviewing a film I hadn’t seen. I responded that my article wasn’t a review of the documentary and didn’t claim to be; it was commentary on the very concept of the film based on the abundant information provided on its website, with a few examples drawn from the movie’s three-minute trailer. He seemed to think that watching the film itself would change my mind. I asked him if the trailer and website were not representative of the film’s content; because if they weren’t, and the film is about something completely different, then he has a marketing problem.


Obeidallah, who bills himself as the Dean of Comedy (Get it? His name is Dean) couldn’t or wouldn’t respond. Instead, he went off and wrote about my piece at the Daily Beast where he could dismiss me as a hater for his audience of smug leftist sheep, who either live in willful ignorance about Islam or happily support the agenda of Islamic fundamentalists to tear down western civilization from within and without.


I still haven’t seen Obeidallah’s documentary, so if it is indeed radically different from how it is presented on the website (and you can read the long synopsis for yourself here), then I will apologize and retract my criticisms. But I know I won’t have to. The website and trailer clearly push the message that media distortion, bigotry, ignorance, and the “irrational fear of Islam” – otherwise known by the Brotherhood neologism “Islamophobia” – are the real issues that need to be resolved in order to bring peace to the clash of civilizations. Obeidallah and his cohorts think that, twelve years after 9/11, American non-Muslims still don’t understand or appreciate Islam, that anyone who expresses concerns about Islamic fundamentalism is a bigot and Islamophobe, and that if we all just learn to laugh about it together, we’ll see that sharia and jihad pose no threat and Islam is perfectly compatible with western ideals of freedom, human rights, and individualism.


In the month since my article appeared, here is what the world has witnessed of Islam: A photographer documented the gruesome beheading of a bound young victim at the hands of Syrian jihadists, who later slit the throat of a Christian for refusing to deny Christ, then mocked his widow about it. Jihadists attacked the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan. Shi’ite Muslims bombed 30 Sunnis outside an Iraqi mosque; Sunnis returned the favor a few days later, and then they each took another turn, and on and on. Al Qaeda’s Ayman al-Zawahiri called on Muslims to launch attacks on American soil and to “bleed America economically.” As part of the ongoing, intensifying genocide of Christians under Islam, Muslims murdered two Christians in Egypt for refusing to pay the jizya tax, and two more in Libya for refusing to convert to Islam. A Catholic priest was doused with acid by a Muslim in Zanzibar. A Yemen thief was condemned to have his foot and hand amputated according to sharia. Turkey sentenced a pianist to prison for “insulting Islam.” The West-hating Boko Haram slaughtered upwards of 160 people in Nigeria, and then later massacred another 65 students while they slept. Afghan jihadists posing as our allies murdered three NATO soldiers. Muslims killed 60 Christians and wounded 100 more outside church services in Pakistan. CAIR was caught carrying out a criminal money laundering scheme. Hamas called for a third intifada against Israel. Islamic militants killed 19 in a bus bomb in Pakistan and 33 more in a market with a car bomb. An International Conference on Islamophobia in Istanbul promoted its anti-free speech agenda. A bill was passed in Iran which allows men to marry their adopted daughters as young as 13. Last but not least, there was the subhuman barbarism of the Kenyan mall massacre, in which non-Muslims were singled out for horrific torture and murder, and many dozens were left dead.


Savagery of the lowest order. Totalitarianism. Raging violence against infidels and Muslims alike. This doesn’t even touch on the progress of civilizational jihad that is being waged so successfully against the too-clueless West.


Yet apologists like pro-Palestinian activist Dean Obeidallah, who performed at a CAIR banquet featuring the Brotherhood-linked, Islamophobia propagandist Wajahat Ali and radical imam Siraj Wahhaj, who supports violent jihad, won’t acknowledge the problematic doctrines that give rise to the examples I listed above. They place the blame for Islam’s ugly reputation these days on “Islamophobia” and the media (presumably they think that the media are either making up incidents, or should not report them).


Obeidallah wants you to blind yourself to the dangerous fundamentalism he is covering for; he wants you to believe you are an anti-Muslim bigot for raising concerns about Islam, even though Muslims themselves are dying at the hands of the militants; he wants you to view his The Muslims Are Coming!, the very title of which mocks the notion that Islam is a threat, to laugh off any legitimate concerns, and to join hands and harmonize across the mountainside like a Coca-Cola commercial – while Islamic supremacism advances. I’m afraid I can’t muster a sense of humor about that.

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